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Artisan: Roger Wallenstein (AKA "Walle") (born Ruprecht Wagner) started to market his pipes in 2004.

Markings: Early markings are stamped and the newer are laser engraved.

Granding (ascending): Prawn (1 and 2), Conch, Scallop (1 and 2), Crab, Lobster, Mermaid (inlaid pearl).

See also Jolly Roger, a Wallenstein's sub-brand.



Wallenstein's grading ascending from left to right.
Prawn and Scallop symbols may appear twice on pipes indicating an intermediary evaluation (see opposite).

Early stampings


no logo on the stem


― Wallenstein Germany ―

― 611 ―

Blockletters on two lines

611 = 11th pipe realized in 2006.

Dating: The code number has been canceled in 2008. The first digit iindicates the year, the last two correspond to the production.

The last coded pipe bears the number 849 (April/May 2008).

Late 2000s pipe


no logo on the stem

 (Left side)

― Wallenstein ―

― German Handmade, 675 ―

(On shank)

[ Scallop]

Stampings from 2006 of a scallop grade pipe.

Laser markings


no logo on the stem


― Wallen ―

― stein ―


Laser engraved markings (2011).

"Driftwood" finish


no logo on the stem


― Walle―

― XX ―

The grading on "Driftwood finish" pipes doesn't follow the seefood scale. On these pipes the grades extend from "X" to "XXX" and the signature has been simplifyed according the makers nickname "Walle".
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