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― Teipen ―

― 08 2012 ―

Artisan: Wayne Teipen

Production (2012): ~30-40 pipes/year


Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Top side)



London England, 9665


St Claude  France
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Brands with an unique letter logo


(Left side)

Patent N° 8439

Terminus Pipe

Brevete S.G.D.G

(Right side)

St Claude

About the patented filtering system (see enlarged views):

The shank is drilled wide and has an inner tube in the center of this chamber. On both sides of the inner tube are two draw holes into the bowl. The  stem has a thinner inner tube that fits inside the larger tube that's  in the shank. The smoke first goes through the two draw holes and into the chamber where the tar and impurities remain. Then the smoke it sucked through the thicker shank tube and up the stem's inner tube to end in the smoker's mouth.

This system is very similar to the one patended by Jean Masson (Ma Colombe)


 Hamburg Germany
The brand's name as logo
  Tehaco Bruyère select Tesch Hamburg 
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