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D & P Pipes



(Left side) D & P. Genuine Briar

D & P Pipe Works was owned by D. P. Levitas and located in Sparta, Alleghany County, North Carolina. The company changed its name to Sparta Pipe Works and still later to Sparta Industries.

The plant manufactured the Trapwell pipes.

Da Vinci

Brands with star logo

  Da Vinci, Master



no logo on the stem


― Dadson, PAT. N° 240325 ―

― London Made ―

― 41 ―

Among the 4 finishes avaliable, the rusticated model was carved in the Sasieni Rustic way. Compare with this Sasieni Retford or this Four Dot Rustic.

no logo on the stem

 (Left top side)

― Dadson, PAT. N° 240325 ―

(Left bottom side)

― London England, 11 ―

Dadson was a brand of H.H. Dadson & Co. (Shaw, Son and Co.). They distributed a patent system pipe (Pat N° stamped on the shank) very similirar to Dunhill's Dry Way.

Dal Fiume

Brands with animal logo

 (Underside)  SB #92 

▲ In 2008-2009 various animals appear on Gabriele Dal Fiume (DG) pipes. They are to emphasize the inspiration, finish and surface of the pipes.

  • Turtle: sandblast pipes
  • Whale: smooth fine grain pipes
  • Nautilus: harmonic shape
  • Ladybug: the most outstanding of Gabriele's pipes.
  • Butterfly: prior to 2009 it was used in combination with any of the DG grades, with the exception of "Dal Fiume". It is meant to show that this is the best quality obtainable within the grade.

Gabriele's own words in 2012: "These markings are not to be regarded as a precise grading system, but more as a way I express my own thoughts about the design and finish of my work in the particular pipe."



D G (In oval)



▲ Pipe without year of production and serial number stamps.

Artisan: Gabriele Dal Fiume

Dating: the pipes are generally stamped with the year of production (2 digits) and the pipe's serial number within that year (2 digits). 

Grading (from 2005 to 2009):

A: Rusticated

B: Partially Rusticated

SB: Sandblasted

C: Smooth (entry-level)

D: Smooth ( good grain)

E: Smooth (very good grain and/or unique design)

F: "Fiammata" (straight Grain)

Dal Fiume: exceptional pipe (the perfect straight grain). Few pieces are produced a year.

Gabriele Dal Fiume 2010
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