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Tracy Mincer



― Tracy Mincer ―

Artisan: Tracy Mincer (†1964) probably started to carve pipes about 1929.

For more information about Tracy Mincer see: Custom-Bilt, The Doodler, Holeysmoke.


Brands with one red dot logo


 (Left side) Trafalgar, Special Briar

According to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit. this brand could be a Charatan or a Butz-Choquin sub-brand. The second possibility seems improbable: a French maker wouldn't name a pipe after such a French defeat.

See also "Trafalgar" a Sasieni second.


Thiene, Veneza Italy
Brands with an encircled letter logo


 (Left side)

Trangoni, Fatta A Mano [anchor emblem]

(Right side)

[three anchors] (grading)

The number of anchors on the right side of the shank indicates the grading of the pipe.
Brands with anchor logo

 (Left side)

Trangoni, Fatta a Mano [anchor emblem]

(Right side)

[two anchors] (grading)



Artisan : Fulvio Trangoni.
Production (2006): 600 pipes/year
Fulvio Trangoni


Pipes made of misc. woods


(Left side) Trapwell, Pat N° ....

(Right side) World's Best Briar

The brand was made by D & P Pipe Works, owned by D. P. Levitas and located in Sparta, Alleghany County, North Carolina close to the population of Mountain Laurel in the area. Later, this company changed its name to Sparta Pipe Works and still later to Sparta Industries.

Trapwell pipes marked with "World's best briar" are made of Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia) a species from the Ericaceae family. The plant is toxic.

There were at least three pipe brands made from the Mountain Laurel: Trapwell, Breezewood and Custombilt.




 (Left side) 12 Tree
See also: Twenty one


Brands with one bar logo

 (Left side) Trident, Matt

(Right side) Made in England by Comoy's, 42

Other Comoy's seconds with a one bar mouthpiece logo: Carlyle, Charles Cross, St James, The Golden Arrow, Town Hall



no logo on the stem

 (Left side)

― Trypis ―

― Made in Canada ―

― 981 ―

Artisan: Phillip Trypis first worked for Brigham as production manager. He continued to supply the Canadian brand when he was established on his own with his own Trypis label. Phillip Trypis had a pipe shop in Toronto.
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