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Tobacco Pouch

Brands with animal logo
Tobacco Pouch Kangaroo logo on the stem side.
See also (same logo): Samirva

Tobacco World

Cheltenham England
Brands with pipe logo
Tobacco World, Cheltenham
Owner: Rob Dowding
Tobacco World
, Unit F7, Regent Arcade, CHELTENHAM, Gloucester, GL50 1JZ
Tel. 01242 222037

Todd Johnson

Brands with a spot or disk logo

Todd Johnson (Arched in oval) ΣΤΩΑ (STOA)

no logo on the stem

(Left side)

Todd M Johnson (Arched in oval) ΣΤΩΑ (STOA)


2008, U.S.A. [Hoplite helmet]

(Left side)

Athenian 2005 U.S.A.


Todd M Johnson (Arched in oval) ΣΤΩΑ (STOA)

Artisan: Todd M. Johnson (born 1979) started to sell his pipes in 1999 while he still studied classical history and aesthetics. They are marketed under the Stoa Briars Company (ΣΤΩΑ) brand.

Todd M. Johnson also participate to the Medici pipe line produced in a workshop named The Briar Studio. The Briar Studio is a joint venture in Nashville (TN) between Todd Johnson and Bruce Weaver, and also includes pipe makers Jody Davis, Steve Morrisette, Pete Prevost, and Scott Holtman (2011).

Early grading: Spartan, Athenian and Alexandrian. The Hoplite helmet indicate an extraordinary quality pipe.


Georgi: see Getz Pipe



no logo on the stem

(Left side)

H. Tokutomi



2 snails

3 snails

"Hiro" grade

Gradings (ascending):

  • Ungraded : No Grade Stamp
  • Sandblast (with Snail Stamp)
  • Smooth (one Snail Stamp)
  • Smooth (two Snail Stamp)
  • Smooth (three Snail Stamp)
  • Smooth ("Hiro" Stamp)

Markings: "B N" stands for "tribute to Bo Nordh"

Artisan: Hiroyuki Tokutomi (born 1948) learnt the art from Sixten Ivarson. Asymmetry is his favorit playground.

Production (2007): ~ 150-200 pipes/year

Tokutomi Pipe Company


no logo on the stem



Kazue Japan


The TOKUTOMI PIPE Co was started by Hiroyuki Tokutomi in 2012. The pipes are crafted by all the family: Kazue (Hiroyuki's wife), Yuki (his daughter) and the master himself.
Yuki Tokutomi

Tom Dorion

Brands with an encircled letter logo
Tom Dorion, Meerschaum Lined

Tom Spanu

Brands with one blue or green dot logo
Older logo (green dot) Tom Spanu, Clairmont
Brands with ring  logo
Tom Spanu F-A Classico

Artisan: Tommaso Spanu (born 1944 in Chiaramonti Sardinia) is an independant pipe maker since 1979. He was established in Laerru (Sardinia) from 1979 to 1999 where he used to harvest, cut and condition his own ebauchons. During this period he often worked for Paronelli. The workshop moved to Sassari (Sardinia) in 1999. He crafts Briar but also Lemonwood, Olivewood, Boxwood, Juniper, Oak and even Cork Oak.

Tom Spanu
Chimère sarde (Sardinian chimera)

Un point vert Le point vert (The green dot)


Losange, Diamond

The brand's name as logo

Brands with one dot logo

(Left side) TOMY, Super luxe Pipes, Trade-Mark

Tonni Nielsen

USA Denmark

no logo on the stem

(Underside) Danish, Handcrafted, Tonni Nielsen 9

no logo on the stem

(Underside) Danish, Handcrafted, In Kentucky
(Underside) Tonni Nielsen [DRAKKAR] (On bowl rim)
The "In Kentucky" phrase was stamped after Tonni Nielsen arrival in USA and canceled some years after on a unknown date.
Artisan: Tonni Nielsen (born 1953) begins carving pipes in 1969 at W.O. Larsen under Teddy Knudsen's and Hans "Former" Nielsen's supervision. He established himself as an idependant pipe carver in 1978, moved to Kentucky (USA) in 1983 where he lives presently (2011).
Production (2010): ~ 150 pipes/year
Grading (ascending): 1 - 10, Drakkar (Viking grade)

A star is added to the Drakkar for special high grade Viking pipes.

Torben Dansk



(Left side)

Torben, Made in Denmark, Dansk

Matt Line


Pipes produced for Dan Pipe (Gernany)

Tortuga Babes

Brands with animal logo
T B Relief turtle logo (sterling silver)
Artisan: Achim Menzel in Recklinghausen

Totem Star
Brands with one dot logo

(Underside) Totem Star, 2008 USA 60174, 023 Ag1 
Brands with 2 dots logo

(Left underside) Totem Star, 2008 USA 90025 018 Cu2
Brands with 3 dots logo

(Underside) Totem Star, 2010 USA 90025 038 Cu3
Artisan: Gunnar Weber-Prada working in Los Angeles CA (2009).
Gunnar Weber-Prada


Left of "USA": the manufacture year

Right of "USA": the zip code of manufacture location (5 digit number)

Under "USA":

  • A 3 digit number is increased by 1 for each new pipe carved in the current year.
  • Gradings: 4 levels (ascending): Cu (Cupper), Ag (Silver), Au (Gold) and Pt (Platinium). Each of the levels has three stages represented by 1-3 dots of that metal inlaid into the stem.


Brand with an arcitecture logo

(Side 1) ◊ Tower ◊ (Side 2) ◊ Made in France, 1403 ◊
Similar logos: Castleford, Moorgate, St James

Town and Country

Bradberry (1)


(1) According to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit.

Town Club

Brands with shield logo


Town Club London Made, Made in England

Town Hall

Brands with one bar logo

(Left side)

Town Hall

Made in England

(Right side)

Made in England, By



Other Comoy's seconds with a one bar mouthpiece logo: Carlyle, Charles Cross, St James, The Golden Arrow, Trident,
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