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Brands with two letters logo
Jean Lacroix Paris 115G2 Maitre Pipier a Saint-Claude
Brands with two letters logo

(Left side) Jean Lacroix
(Right side) Maitre Pipier, A Saint-Claude
(Underside) Lyon 319
The monogram on the stem has an additional loop.
Brands with a gemstone logo

(Left side) Jean Lacroix
(Right side) Maitre-Pipier, A St Claude
Artisan: Jean Lacroix (†2007)
Brand created in 1962.
See also (same artisan): Pierre Cardin, Brittany
See also (same family): A. Lacroix, JPL
 Mettez-vous au vert


Brands with shield logo

Ladd's, Reg U.S. Pat. Off Logo: Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom
A brand of United Cigar Stores, the largest chain of cigar stores in the United States before the depression in 1929 (3000 stores).
After bankruptcy they recovered by diversifying the products: before WWII they sold for example Mickey Mouse watches.



no logo on the stem

(Left side)

― Lamberthod ―

― Racine de Bruyère ―

― Made in France (Arched)

Pipes manufactured with the famous "Duplication Machine".


Brands with two letters logo
Brand of Roger Lamboley a pipe wholesaler in Paris like J. Bayle. The pipes were made in St Claude (France).


St Claude France

no logo on the stem

(Left side) J LAMY .Sport.

(Right side) St Claude Bruyere Superieure

(Underside) 166-3

The brand's name as logo

(Left side) Jean Lamy, Flammée
Artisan: after WWII Jean Lamy (1914 - † 2010) started selling pipes he used to buy from different makers in St Claude (FR). He very fast established as an artisan with his own brand. Part of his production was sold by himself. After he retired in 1981 he continued to keep a personal production.


Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

Lancaster, Imported Briar

Larry Roush

Perrysburg, OH
Brands with ring  logo
L2, ROUSH 1344 Hand made USA 2007
Sterling siver band stamped Roush, Sterling
Larry Roush 2002


Welcome to the Larrysson Pipes Website
Bodmin Moor, Cornwall England USA
Brands with one dot logo

Larrysson, 28-08, Hand Made, Cornwall, England
Artisan: Paul Larrysson Hubartt (born 1973) initialy living in Indiana (USA) settled in Cornwall (GB) in 2002. In 2006 Hubartt had made 50 pipes (starting out).
Paul Hubbart 2010
Code stampings: pipe number followed by the year of production.
No grading system (2011).

Lars of Denmark

Brands with two letters logo
Lars of Denmark Logo: could be "oK", more probably "dK"
This is not a pipe from Lars Mikael Ivarsson son of Sixten Ivarsson.


: see


The brand's name as logo

Brands with crown & letters logo

W.Ø.Larsen, Made in Denmark

Brands with person logo

W.Ø. Larsen, Handmade, Black 325, 01
Logo: smoker in armchair.
Some pipes bear the "smoker in armchair" logo stamped on the shank.
Brands with 4 dots logo

One white dot on each of the four sides of the stem.
Brands with one bar logo

(Underside) W.Ø. Larsen, Handmade, Made in Denmark (Top) Danish Gold
In the 1960s Ole Larsen, owner of the Copenhagen tobacco store, retails pipes carved by Sixten Ivarsson, Poul Rasmussen, Sven Knudsen or Peter Brakner. Faced with the success and urged by Sven Bang (store manager), Sven Knudsen and Former (Hans Nielsen) are successively hired to carve pipes in the basement of the shop at the beginning and in the old Larsen cigar factory afterwards. Carver like Teddy Knudsen, Tonni Nielsen, Jess Chonowitch, Peter Hedegaard work a while in this context.
When Nils, son of Ole Larsen, succeeds his father he acquires the Georg Jensen pipe factory to focus on less expensive pipes. This turns out to be an error ending with the sale of W.O. Larsen trademark to Stanwell.
The famous tobacco shop at Strøget, Amagertorv 9 closed down for good on Dec 31, 2004.
Do not confuse W.O. Larsen with: Jorgen Larsen
Le couvercle selon Larsen Le couvercle selon Larsen


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