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 4 dots



4 dots (horizontal)




One white dot on each of the four sides of the stem.
Not to be confused with: Jorgen Larsen


Cortina d'Ampezzo Italy
Brands with one bar logo

(Left side) [Pipe inside circle] Da Mina, Cortina

Da Mina is a Pipe Shop in Cortina.

Via Roma 5, Cortina D' Ampezzo (Veneto)




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(Underside) Sasieni (Fish-tail script) London Made "Preston"
Pretransition, four dots, 1924 - 1945


(Underside) Sasieni (script ) FOUR DOT PAT 2150221/20 "Bowler"

Pre-transition, "Four Dot", 1946 - 1979

Notice the change of "Sasieni" script initiated by Alfred Sasieni after second world war.



"Rustic" Sasieni Made 102  Made in England (Arched)

 Pre-transition, Duplicated two dots, 1930 - 1939

This model is listed in the 1939 Sasieni catalog, being omitted in the 1936 and 1943 catalog. Origin of briar : Algeria.


  Sasiεni, Four Dot, London Made, Made in England

 Transition period, Lucite stem, 1979 - 1986

Other Sasieni transition pipes here


 (Left underside)

Sasieni 4DOT Ruff Root Dark Made in London (In circle) F, 5

Post transition, 1986 - today, "4 dot"

Ruff Root: Name for a sandblasted finish
Notice the 4DOT stamping replacing the FOUR DOT after 1986.

Concerning Sasieni the four dots may be grouped into two different ways on the stems:

  • Four dots gathered on one side and forming a diamond
  • Two dots on each side of the stem (duplicated two dot logo)

It should be noted that the brand also produced models with the four dot losange logo duplicated on each side of the stem

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