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Aaron Beck



  A. Beck, Straight Grain
Artisan: Aaron Beck († 1984)


  Aldo Velani, AV, 117

Alfred Baier

 (Underside) Baier 94

Artisan: Alfred Baier has been making pipes since 1986.

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Le cheval #3 (Equus caballus) 

Andrew Marks

 (Left side) Marks 2007


C2 Fatta in Italia 


  Calibano, Aurora, C 011


 (Left side) Cavicchi C.
(Right side) Fatto a Mano, In Italia
(Underside) © © © ©
Artisan: Claudio Cavicchi
Production (2006): ~ 1000 pipes/year
Grading (ascending): 1© to 5© and "Diamante" (Straight grain).


  Cesare Sabbatia 104 Italy


Milano Italy
  Oliphant for Harry, 22 01 07, Italy
Artisan: Angelo Chirico. He carves pipes since 2005.
Production (2009): ~ 60-70 pipes/year
Adress: via Papa Giovanni XXIII, n. 18 20061 Carugate (Mi)

Ed Sheffield



  Boston, Mass.  USA


  EHRLICH (left side) GB (right side)


  EHRLICH       French Briar, GB
This pipe was carved by George Bushee (markings: G.B.), employee at Ehrlich's.
Přemyšl Poland


  R. Filar, 195


  Invicta, England, Hand Made

Artisans: Colin Fromm and Colin Leeson.
Brand created in 1974. Colin Fromm continued on his own with the Castleford brand.

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Ken Erickson



  Moretti, Recanati

Artisan: Marco Biagini
Moretti is the name of Marco's father-in-law.
Brand started 1968.

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Moretti se lâche Moretti se lâche

Vis à vis Vis à vis

Mr Paul

Baltimore, MD  USA


 Nomenclature: none
Mr Paul's pipe shop (closed) was situated at:
3312 Kenjac Road, Windsor Mill, MD 21244





Briar Pipes - Artisan - Hand Made - Rocheleau
Okanaghan Valley, BC Canada


Artisan: John Rocheleau. He had to give up pipemaking and dedicates himself to painting.


Brands with ring logo 
 ◊ Produced by Tagliabue, REG.N.° 69022/23, 20th Century,
Genuine Briar 148 ◊
Pipes carved by Lorenzo Tagliabue († 1987) before he headed the "Lorenzo" company in 1969.
Tagliabue's second brands: Dr Hardy


  Taylor Made, Made in England
Brand of Bill Ashton-Taylor (1945 - 2009†) when he leaved Dunhill and before he created the "Ashton" brand.




Logo and stamping from different pipes

Artisan: Steve Weiner († 2002)
Production: ~ 200-250 pipes/year in 2002
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