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Dr Berger

The brand's name as logo

  Dr Berger, Geant
Brands with two letters logo


 (Left side) Dr Berger, Anti Nicotine
 (Right side) Made by Chacom
This pipe is posterior to 1957, the date when La Bruyère took the "Chacom" corporate name back.
Brand created by La Bruyère in the 1930s.

Dr Bernard

Brands with an encircled letter logo

 (Underside) Dr. Bernard, Imported Briar, Italy
Brands with crown logo

 (Left side) Dr Bernard  (Right side) Algerian Briar, Made in France
These two pipes are from different makers. If we refer to the crown logo, the second which is of French origin, should come from the workshop of André Bourgeois (see Pipe de Roi) in Saint Claude.

Dr Bob

Dartmouth, MA  USA
Brands with 3 dots logo

  Kiess Patriot USA, SM 2004 (Carved in 2004)

Artisan: Robert C. Kiess is a physician, Doctor of medicine.

Other doctors carving pipes: Daniel Jud, Roman Kovalev

Dr Robert C. Kiess 2010

Finish designations* :

  • Smooth pipes are stamped SL (Light) SM (Medium) SD (Dark).
  • Rusticated or sandblasted pipes are stamped RL (Light) RM (Medium) RD (Dark).


  • Entry grade: formerly named "Patriot" and stamped (ascending) P, PP, PPP.
  • Highest grade: formerly named "Heritage" and stamped (ascending) H, HH.
  • The "Ambassador" grade has been discontinued.

Dating: a 2 digit number stands for production year. It may be followed by a serial number indicating the position of the pipe in the year.

* these designations have been canceled in 2011.

See also (same logo): John Surrey

Dr Boston



 (Left side) Dr Boston, Filtre
  (Right side Fabriqué par, Butz Choquin, 401
An export brand of the Berrod-Regad group mainly for the German market (9mm filter pipes).

Dr Geo



  Pipe Dr Geo Déposée, Algerian Briar Made in France

Leather wrapped pipe.

The brand's name as logo

  Pipe Dr GEO, Systeme depose
Brand of Gichard & Cie, not produced anymore.
Deux docteurs Deux docteurs

Dr Hardy

Brands with ring  logo


 Leather clad pipe


 (left) Dr Hardy

(right) Produced by Tagliabue

(bottom) Reg. N° 90988, 6020

The brand's name as logo
  Dr Hardy, de Luxe

Dr John

John Redman
The brand's name as logo


Dr Maclean

Brands with arrow logo


  Dr Maclean Cartridge Pipe, London Made
A brand of Oppenheimer Pipes Ltd.

Dr Mc Quade

Ben Wade
Brands with person logo


  Dr Mc Quade, London-England

Dr Mills

Brands with an encircled letter logo
   Dr Mills Anti-Nicotine, Algerian Briar, Made in France

Dr Plumb

France England
The brand's name as logo

Brands with one red dot logo


 (Left side) Dr Plumb, Regular
  (Right side London / St Claude, 711



   Dr Plumb Extra
 (Underside) Peacemaker, 2, England (In circle)
  Others metal pipes logos & markings: Alco, Bryson, Duncan, Falcon, Kaywoodie (Filter Pipe , Filter plus, Filtronic), Medico Ventilator, Ornsby
Brand created in 1925 by GBD's Parisian sales manager J.B. Rubinovich. The Dr Plumb production was run by the Ruchon & Verguet and also Ropp factories (Saint-Claude - France).
The brand now belongs to the English Cadogan group.
Archétype de la forme Cavalier Archétype de la forme Cavalier

Dr Robert

The brand's name as logo
  Dr Robert
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