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Dr. Grabow pipes began with Louis B. Linkman († 1957), of the M. Linkman and Co. of Chicago in 1932 (Pat # 1 896 800). Linkman and Co. ceased producing the Dr. Grabow pipes around 1953. After this date the brand was owned by Henry Leonard and Thomas (HLT), Inc. of Queens, New York and produced by Sparta Pipes Inc.
In 1969, US Tobacco acquired Sparta Pipes and rights to Dr. Grabow.
Lane Ltd. acquired the Dr. Grabow property from US Tobacco. Lane Ltd. came under ownership of RJ Reynolds and British American Tobacco in about 2000.
Dr. Paul E. Grabow died in 1965 at age 97.
Production (2006): ~250,000 pipes/year

Brands with clover, spade, heart logo


De Luxe


Linkman's, Dr Grabow [Metal circle]

(Left side)

Pat.No., 1896800


9906, De Luxe, Bruyere

 This pipe is estimated by its stampings to be from 1933-37 timeframe. The logo is the propeller pre-spade marking.

The earliest Dr. Grabow pipes are stamped with both Linkman's and Dr. Grabow, described as Bruyere, or Italian Briar.

Pre-1944 model names included the SPECIAL, the DELUXE (this pipe), and the SUPREME.

The Linkman's stamp was discontinued around 1944.

Linkman's Dr. Grabow pipes are also stamped with a 4-digit code indicating the model and shape.

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  Dr Grabow, CDL, Imported Briar


Dr Grabow, CDL, Imported Briar

The CDL line was test marketed from 1975 to 1983 in several U.S. cities. They never went into full production.


  Commodore, Dr. Grabow, 11

De Luxe


 (Left side) Dr Grabow, De Luxe, Imported Briar
 (Right side) 9602C



  (Left side) Duke, Dr Grabow
The Duke line was introduced in 1969


 (Left side) Lark, Dr Grabow (Right side Imported Briar
The Lark line was introduced in 1969

Royal Duke



 (Left side) Royal Duke, Dr Grabow
The Royal Duke line was introduced in 1969


 (Left side) Savoy, Dr Grabow   (Right side) Imported Briar


(Left side)


Dr. Grabow

(Right side)

Imported Briar, Ajustomatic

PAT. 2461905



 (Left side) Dr Grabow, True-Grain

(Underside) Imported Bruyere, Pat. No., 1896800
No model number markings.

 This pipe was probably made in the 1940 - 1953 Chicago period.

Van Roy




 (Underside) Dr. Grabow USA (In circle) Viking (Current model)
More infos here: Smoking Metal
See also: Viking (Bjarne)



 (Left side) Westbrook, Dr Grabow

 (Left side) Westbrook, Dr Grabow  

(Right side) Imported Briar, Ajustomatic, Pat. 2461905

One of the earliest pipes of the RJ Reynolds era.
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