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Brands with two letters logo


 (Left side) Lillehammer (Curved), GL, Best Make
 (Right side) Made in Norway
G L are the initials of Gudbrand Larsen († 1902) founder of the brand in 1844.
Brands with 2 dots logo

Logo and stamping from different pipes

  Lillehammer 784
▲ Two small red squares: one on the shank the other on the stem to align them.
  Lillehammer 709
▲ Two small white squares
Brands with star logo

 (Top) Lillehammer, Clipper     (Underside) 549
  While Lillehammer's sales went from bad to worse in the 1960's, Kriswill purchased the brand and used to manage the norwegian plant a short period. This pipe was carved in Norway by the danish brand during this era.
See also: Norrøna


Brands with star logo


(See Ove Lindall)


Brands with an unique letter logo
Leather clad pipe.
Brands with an encircled letter logo

Logo and stamping from different pipes

  Lindbergh (In oval), Made in France

(Underside) Lindbergh Metallique

The Lindbergh pipes are crafted in France by an (or several) unknown maker(s).



no logo on the stem


― . michael lindner .(arched)

― made by hand (arched)

― united states ―

― 01―

Pipe manufactured in 2001

no logo on the stem

 (Left side)

― . michael lindner . (arched)

― made by hand (arched)

― USA 2007 (In circle)

― A 2(encircled)


Magnum size pipe (Frog) with a A 2 grade (smooth finish), manufactured in 2007.
Double Magnum (Bat) pipe stamped with a D 4 grade and straight line markings.
Sandblasted pipe carved in 2012 and stamped with a Spider 1 grade.

Artisan: Michael Lindner (born 1970)

Markings: two stampings coexist

  • "michael lindner" and "handmade usa" in a straight line
  • "michael lindner made by hand usa" in a circle.

In 2005 "united states" was dropped in favour of "usa".

Dating : the full manufacture year was stamped from 2002 on.


  • Sandblast grading (ascending): E, D, C and Spider (added in 2004).
  • Smooth Grading (ascending): B, A, AA and Dragonfly (introduced in 2001) the highest grade of Lindner.

Other animal stampings:

  • Frog (magnum).
  • Bat (double magnum).

Pricing tiers (introduced in September 2007) are represented by encircled numbers. They are to take in account shape complexity, size, grain for each letter grade.

  • Three tiers (1, 2, 3) for grades E to A.
  • Four tiers (from 1 to 4) for AA grade.
  • Five tiers for Spider and Dragonfly grades.

Double Magnum Pipes (Bat) are stamped with an additional tier. (i.e. D 4, AA 5)

Production (2011): ~ 100 pipes/year


Brands with triangle logo

Losange, Diamond

Brands with one blue or green dot logo



Chicago, IL USA
Brands with ring logo
  Linkman's, Courtleigh
Brands with ring logo


(Left side) Linkman's, Hollycourt

(Right side) 8833 Imported Briar

(Bottom) PAT.2073663 L

Brands with clover, spade, heart logo

(On top) Linkman's Fifty Grand

(Underside) 1591

The FIFTY GRAND model came out in 1937, with a model number always starting with 15.

The M. Linkman and Co. was established by Louis B. Linkman and August Fisher in 1898. The company closed down in the 1950s and the Dr Grabow branch was sold to Henry Leonard and Thomas Inc.

Early Linkman's pipes were stamped MLC in an oval.
See also : Bucko, Dr Grabow, Colossals, Hollycourt, Duke of Dundee, Royalton

Lion's Head

Brands with an unique letter logo
Brands with an encircled letter logo

  Lions Head, Made in England (in Circle), 220

Lisa Gherardini



  Lisa Gherardini, Pesaro, Hand Made, Italy
Lisa Gherardini is also known as Lisa del Giocondo or Mona Lisa.



no logo on the stem


[LS signature]

― S. Liskey ―

Artisan: Steve Liskey


Brands with an unique letter logo



no logo on the stem

 (Left side)

― Arne Ljung Sweden ―

― 70 ―

Artisan: Arne Ljung (1913 - †1998) started to make pipes in 1963.

Early stampings: LJUNG of SWEDEN (straight line)

Later stampings: Arne Ljung Sweden (circular). The manufacture year is stamped inside the circle.




  LLOYDS, Lumberjack
Brands with an unique letter logo

 (On top) LLOYDS, Canadian
(Underside) Century Old, Briar Italy
(Underside) First Quality
Brands with ring logo

(Underside LLOYDS, Century Old, Briar Italy
   Satin Grain (Oval shaped) 8518
Lloyds seems to be an export brand. Pipes stamped "Century Old" usually were intended to the US market by Lorenzo.
See also (same "Century Old"): Jet Pipe, T.V. and Century Old


Comoy (1)
Brands with an encircled letter logo


 (Left side) LLOYDS   (Right side Made in England, 532
(1) According to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit.




  LMB (Arched) Patent


  LMB (Arched) Breveté
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