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Brands with clover, spade, heart logo

(Left side) MLC (In oval) Aragon Italian Briar

Brands with star logo

(Left side)

MLC (In oval)

Italian Briar 24

(Right side)

The Virginian

MLC are the initials for Mary Linkman & Co. Mary Linkman was the mother of Louis B. Linkman, founder of the company.

Pipes with the "MLC in oval" stampings correspond to an early production from the Chicago plant predating the Dr Grabow brand.


Brands with two letters logo

(Left side) Modernage
(Right side) Imported Briar Made in France



The brand's name as logo

Pliable pipe.


Brands with pipe logo

(Left side) Molina
Artisan: Giovanni Carollo, a former employee of the Rossi factory. Machine crafted mass production. Pipes mainly aimed for German and US market.


Brands with star logo
Monaco, De Luxe, Made in Italy


Brands with ring  logo

(Left side) ◊ Monarch, Pat. Pend.
The patent pending (1935) is for a system pipe that  had the metal tenon  in the shank and screwed on stem. (See enlarged view #3)

Fred Warnke established the brand in the late 1930 in Hartford (CT). The company moved in the 1950s to Tusla (OK).

Other brands distributed by Monarch Pipe Co: Carey Magic Inch, Aerosphere.

The Monarch label has also been used by Imperial Tobacco Co (England), by Civic (England) and by LA BRUYERE (France). The later were distributed by WDC.


Mont Blanc, French Briar
(Side 1) Mont Blanc, Meerlined, De Luxe
(Side 2) Made in France

Monte Verdi

Ben Wade
Brands with crown & letters logo

Monte Verdi, Made in Denmark, By Hand, Golden Tan
Artisan: Preben Holm († June 8, 1989)


Pipes made of misc. woods

(Left side) Monterey, Select Grain
(Right side) Mission Briar
Monterey appears here as a full brand while this label also constitutes the name of a KB&B line bearing the clover symbol. Wether a brand or a line these pipes came from the same KB&B factory in the period 1941-1946.
"Mission Briar" is the common denomination for wood from Manzanita burl (Fam: Ericaceae), a shrub growing in California (USA). During WWII, when Briar was rare, it was used by Reiss-Premier Pipe Co and KB&B (Monterey line).
Brands with an unique letter logo
Alberto Montini: name of the owner of Mastro de Paja


Brand with an arcitecture logo
Other windmill logo: Fireside, Steffen Müller


Brand with an architecture logo

(Left side) Moorgate
(Right side) Made in England
Brand with an architecture logo

(Left side) Moorgate (Right side) Made in England Red logo
See also "Moorgate" as a Comoy's line
Similar logos: Tower, Castleford, St James
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