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Brands with clover, spade, heart logo

  W.H, Made in USA
Brand from William Hendrix, Ulster Park, NY according Wilczak & Colwell (op. cit.).

W.O. Larsen

(See Larsen)


(David) See BAFF




(Left side) Waille, Jura

(Right side) Bruyere, St Claude

(Underside) 20

Horace Waille establishes in 1860 a pipe workshop in Saint Claude (France). His son René continues the activity from 1902 to 1932. André Waille, Horace's grand son, takes up the torch between 1932 and 1974. In 1968 Michel Waille, son of André, joins the firm and he changes in 1979 the corporate name to SARL PIPE EWA.

See also: Le pipier de Lunel

Michel WailleMichel Waille as chairman of the "Confrérie des Maîtres Pipiers"


Brands with an encircled letter logo

 (On top) Bruyere, L. Walat, 44
Artisan: Ludwik Walat (1980†) under whom Ryszard Filar and Ryszard Kulpinski served apprenticeship. At times Polish pipemakers did not have access to highgrade Briar... (see enlarged pictures)


see Kirk Walden


Brands with clover, spade, heart logo

 (Left side) Waldorf, De Luxe
 (Right side) Imported Briar, Made in France


Brands with one dot logo
  Walls, Customade, Mansfield. O.

Wally Frank

New York  USA
Wally Frank
Brands with one bar logo
  Wally Frank Limited Made in London England 53 
Brands with one blue or green dot logo

 (Left side) Pipe of the Month
(Right side, top) Sweet Root
(Right side, bottom) Wally Frank LTD.
Each member of Wally Frank's "The Pipe of the Month Club" received a brand new pipe in the mail once a month.
Brands with one red dot logo

 (Top side) Super Delicous
(Under side) Wally Frank, LTD.
Brands with 2 dots logo


 (Left side) Wally Frank Ltd.
 (Right side) Natural, Unvarnished
Brands with several letters logo

Logo and stamping from different pipes

 ◊ Wally Frank Limited, The Macauley, Briar warranty,
Made in England 36 ◊
Brands with several letters logo

 (Left side) Mellow
(Right side) Made in England (cercle) 38
(Underside) Wally Frank, Limited
Brands with an encircled letter logo

 (Left side) Wally Frank, De Luxe (Right side) Imported Briar
(Left side Wally Frank    (Right side) Straight Grain
Corn cob pipes


Cured (Arched) In Bourbon

Wally Frank Ltd.

Brand started in 1930. The pipes came from English, French, Denish, Italian and even US companies.

See also White Bar

Droite comme un "i" Droite comme un "i"

Olifant et ordinateur Olifant et ordinateur

Double paroi Double paroi

Stormking Stormking

Walt Disney

Brands with animal logo

 (Top)  Walt Disney World © Walt Disney Productions
(Bottom) Algerian Briar, Made in France
Pipes made of misc. woods
 Cherrywood pipe probably manufactured by Ropp (France).
See also a classy Cherrywood pipe by Ropp


Brands with several bars logo

 (Left side) Warwick Imported Briar Italy
A sub brand of Comoy or Singleton & Cole. Not to be confused with Warwyck.


Brands with an unique letter logo


 (Left side) Waverly (Right side) Algerian Briar, 30
This brand should not be confused with "Waverley", a Sasieni's second.


Brands with triangle logo
  WDC (In triangle) Milano Imported Briar  


   WDC (In triangle) Guardsman, Genuine Briar, Deresined Processed  
  WDC (In triangle), Dunlop, Kerly Briar
Brands with triangle logo

  WDC (In triangle) Kensington
See also the Kensington brand


  WDC (In triangle), Genuine Briar
Pipe stamped as a WDC "Waldorf" line.
See also Waldorf as a WDC imported second brand.
  WDC (In triangle) Wellington
Brands with 2 dots logo

 (Left side) WDC (In triangle) Demuth, Gold Dot
  (Right side) Imported, Briar Root, 77
William Demuth Pipe Company
WDC second: Waldorf
See also: Monarch
Do not confuse this brand with the Demuth tobacconist label (Pennsylvania).

Bingo Bingo  

Heaume Heaume

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