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Brands with several letters logo


 (Underside) Made in Dublin, Ireland
(Underside) B.P.L Special
(Underside) Shannon Airport
A brand of Briar Pipes Limited, Dublin. (See the picture of the box)


Brands with two letters logo


 (Left side) B.S (On bottom of a blazon)
The crowned blazon is flanked with what seems to be two minotaurs (see enlarged view). The shield displays a chevron.
Any information would be welcome.

Baff - custom made tobacco pipes - tabakpfeifen nach mass - David Wagner - Smoking Briar Pipes



Artisan: David Wagner

See also sVen, an other Wagner's brand.

David Wagner


(See Alfred Baier)


(See Fikri Baki)

Baldo Baldi

Brands with one bar logo

(Left side) B. Baldi [Crowned pipe]
Baldo Baldi 2010

Artisan: Baldo Baldi

The "B. Baldi" followed by the crowned pipe may be stamped on left or right side of the shank.

Production (2008): not more than 200 pipes/year

 Champignon (Mushroom)


Brands with an unique letter logo


Brand of Moss & Lowenhaup according to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit. p. 9


Kolding  Denmark
Brands with triangle logo


  Balleby, Hand Made, Denmark
A silver dot is imbedded between the shank & bowl (See enlarged view)



Artisan: Kurt Balleby

Grading (ascending): sandblasts, C, B, A, Select

Production: ~ 200-250 Pipes / year

Kurt Balleby 2010

Bamboo Briar


no logo on the stem

 (Left side)

― Bamboo Briar ―

― Made in Spain ―

The bamboo like decorative carving was typical of Valencia’s  manufacturers since the early 20th century. However it's difficult to say who exactly the maker was.

Maker in the Valencia area: Bruken


Brands with crown logo


(Left side)


London Made

(Right side)

London England, 151


(see Rainer Barbi)


(see Bartlett & Bickley)


Brands with an unique letter logo


 (Underside) "Barclay" London Made, Made in England, 762 GR
Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit. mentions three possible English origins for this label: Bond Engeneering Co Ltd., Comoy and Sasieni. The following clues speak in favor of a Sasieni's sub-brand:
  • Characteristic rusticated finish.
  • Cursive label stamping in quotation marks.
  • The country of origin "London Made, Made in England" in block letters and two lines. These stampings are typical for Sasieni's pre-transition period. Example 1, Example 2

Barclay Rex

 New York USA
Brands with pipe logo

Brands with several letters logo

 (Left side) Barclay, Rex  

(Bottom) 863   (On stem) France

Brand created in 1910. The shop was situated on Maiden Lane. Three addresses now (2010):
75 Broad Street, 70 East 42nd Street, 570 Lexington Avenue.

See also: André


The brand's name as logo

  Bari, Special, Handcut, Made in Denmark, 847
  BARI Dana, Made in Denmark, 19


  BARI Senior, Made in Denmark, 586
 (Left side) Bari Don (Right side) Superior Quality

Brand founded by Viggo Nielsen in 1950 and sold to Van Eicken Tobaccos in 1978. At this time Age Bogelund managed Bari's production. The company has been bought in 1993 by Helmer Thomsen.

Bari's second: Don, Proctus


Losange, Diamond

Brands with pipe logo

(Left side) Barnaby Briar (Arched), Imported Briar

(Underside) Hand Made

Pipe with a briar mouthpiece.

Other brands with such a mouthpiece: Il Ceppo, Kaywoodie Allbriar, LHS and Salvatella (other wood).

Brand from Barnaby Briars (smoking pipe retailer): 28 Powell Str., Brooklyn (NY).

Other brand from this retailer: Yorkshire

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