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Ancona Italy
Brands with one dot logo
 (left side) NON CANTA LA RAGANELLA, Prima


 (left side) NON CANTA LA RAGANELLA Prima

(right side) DAC 281

(Underside) Scorta 1953

DAC : Duranti Anselmi Castelfidardo.

(Left side)


Vecchia Scorta

(Right side)

DAC (In cartouche), 326



(On top)


Brands with diamond logo
  Raganella, Ravenna
Losange, Diamond

 (Left side) Raganella  (Right side) Allegra

 (Left side) Raganella, M. Lubinski

(Right side) Gamma 514, Per Montanari, Modena

(Underside) Made in Italy

Montanari is a pipe shop and tobacconist in Modena.
Lubinski Ltd. is the largest pipe import and distribution firm in Italy (2005).
See also (other pipe marketed by Lubinski): Mastro De Paja
Mario Lubinski
Mario Lubinski
Brands with an unique letter logo
Brands with one red dot logo


 (On top) NCLR (in oval)

Non cata la raganella. Translation: "the frog doesn't sing" refers to the non-gargling of the tobacco juice.

Alternative nomenclatures:
Raganella, La Raganella, Non Canta La Raganella, NCRL
See also: Anselmi (Adriano)


Brands with an unique letter logo


 (Left side) Rainbow, Made in Denmark
(Right side) 67

Artisan: Wilhelm Bjarne Jørgensen

Other green pipes: Peterson, Rattray's, Savinelli

Rainer Barbi

Rainer Barbi
Brands with two letters logo

  R. Barbi Handarbeit
 Relief logo and arched markings: from 1981 until 2011.
The brand's name as logo

  Styled by Barbi
 Stem markings during the period from 1975 to 1981
The brand's name as logo

 (Underside) Barbi
 Stem markings with name and christian name.

Rainer Barbi (1948 - †May 2011) started with the production of pipes in 1974.

Grading started in the 1980s (ascending): CC, CB, CA, BC, BB, BA, AC, AB, AA, C, B, A, A0, A1, A2, ...

Date stampings:

1987 - 1992 : 2 or 3 numbers. i.e. 69=June 1989

1992 - 1997 : 4 numbers (month and year)

1997 - 2011 : Month code(Z=jan, M=dec) Year code (A=1997, B=1998 ...)

See also a Barbi pipe designed for Brebbia.


Brands with several letters logo


Pipes made of misc. woods


(Left side) Raskassa
According to Wilczak & Colwell (op. cit.) this brand would have been distributed by Otto Sevic (USA) 1930... (?). Looking to the enlarged views the grain of the wood appears to correspond to Mountain Laurel.




Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

 No stampings
Artisan: Poul Rasmussen (1921 - † 1967) was the leader of the classic Danish school (Björn Bengston, Emile & Jess Chonowitsch, Tom Eltang, Swen Knudsen).
His pipes are rarely stamped with his name especially those he carved for Suhr.
Poul was married with Anne Julie who continued to run the workshop after he passed away.
See also: Suhr
Poul Rasmussen


Perth Scotland Germany
 (Left side) Rattray's
Other green pipes: Peterson, Rainbow, Savinelli
Brands with shield logo
  Rattray's Old Gowrie 6
This brand with the scottish tobacco manufacture name is used by Otto & Kopp Gmbh to import pipes initialy crafted by Jørn Larsen and since 2004 (at least) by Butz Choquin.
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