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see K. Anastasopoulos


Comoy (1)
Brands with an encircled letter logo

(Underside) Ancestor, Made in England, 363
(1) According to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit..
The 363 shape # effectively corresponds to a square pannel shape in Comoy's catalog.


Søren Eric

no logo on the stem

(Underside) SEA (for Søren Eric Andersen)
(Underside) 2005, Denmark
The SEA stamping was introduced about 2007

(Underside) Eric Andersen, Handmade (Arched)
(Underside) Denmark
Earlier rugby ball shape signature.
Made in Germany.
Made in England
Artisan: Søren Eric Andersen started carving pipes in 1968 and established on his own in 1975. In the 1990' he moved to Germany and then to England. Thus his pipes may be stamped "Denmark", "Germany" or "England".
Production (2008): ~ 40-50 pipes/year
Classic handmade shapes without fillings.

 Le tonneau des Danaïdes

 Eloge de la jarretière



(Left side) André

Artisan: André Mermet was a French craftsman who immigrated to the USA. He (and after him his son) produced pipes for Barclay Rex or Wilke pipeshops.

Pipes may be stamped with the manufacture year (see opposite).

Andrea's Yachtsman

Brands with anchor logo
(Left side) Andrea's Yachtsman
(Right side) Made in London, England


(See E. Andrew)

Andrew Marks

Andrew Marks Pipemaker, Hand Made Briar Pipes - Pipe Smoker's Hall of Fame
Brands with wooden spot or disk logo

(Left side) Marks 2007
Artisan: Andrew Marks carves pipes since 1969
Andrew Marks


Brands with an unique letter logo

Second brand used by the Rovera family (Angelo and Damiano) who produces Ardor, Roverart and Rovera.


AnImA Handmade Pipes
Los Angeles, CA USA
Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

Anima 01 03 (jan 2003).
Artisan: Brian McNulty
The dot inlaid in the stem is of red clay (Catlinite) used by indians. It's the soul (Anima) of the pipe.
Brian McNulty (2006)
Grading (ascending): 1 to 4 circled crosses
Briar origin: S = Spanish, M = Marocco, C = Calabria
Dating: month and year the pipe was made are stamped on the shank.

Anne Julie

Website of Anne Julie
Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

Anne Julie, of Denmark
Anne Julie, of Denmark, By Hand, 2
Artisan: Anne Julie Rasmussen (born 1940). She is the widow of Poul Rasmussen.
See also: Norup (Lars Christensen), Suhr

La cuisse d'Anne Julie La cuisse d'Anne Julie

Julie et Botero Julie et Botero

Quand la Bruyère devient chaire Quand la Bruyère devient chair

Femme tronc aux fesses plates Femme tronc aux fesses plates

Other female pipe carvers in these pages: Radka Hofmannová (Pearl Bee). Manduela and Nanna Ivarsson do not stamp any logo on their stems.


Ancona Italy
Original Sablée 156 Pipe from the first period
Adriano Anselmi, 1006

Artisan: Adriano Anselmi
After a first period during which he worked alone, he colaborated with Alcide Duranti ("Non Canta La Raganella").

See also: AAA



(Left side)


Catalytic Pipe


(Right side)

Patented. Jan. 28. 1908

N° 877.777 (Arrow)

(On band)


Jeantet's "Antidote" pipes won some awards on the international scene. These pipes were mentioned in letter heads or in the workshops of the factory by posters (See Dok). This pipe is meerschaum lined.

"RBC" on the band stands for Reiss Bros & Co (founded in 1865, importers and wholesale dealers) who marketed the model in the USA. One of the brothers, Isaac Achilla Reiss, resided in Paris and did the buying there.


Brands with an unique letter logo

(Left side) Antique, Hand Made (Right side) France, 405


Antique Hand Made

Antique is a brand of Hans Richter (†), a German pipe importer and dealer. He particularly used to distribute under the "Antique" label pipes crafted by Pierre Morel Senior. Some pipes were also of Danish origin.


Pipe dream come true - Bartlomiej Antoniewski Pipes Carving Studio
Przemy´sl Poland
Brands with two letters logo

(Left side)

Ab (initials)

B. Antoniewski

(Right side)


2003, "Sumo"

About "BAC": Marek Lejzorowicz owner of BAC ART PIPES is the US distributor for Antoniewski pipes (in 2012).
Brands with two letters logo

Artisan: Bartlomiej Antoniewski (Bart) (1961- )
After two years of apprenticeship with Ryszard Filar (1985-86), he established his own brand in 1989.
Bartlomiej Antoniewski
(Loxodonta africana)



ANZIO, A (in circle), Superba

A (In circle), Anzio, Genuine Briar
Brand of Art-Craft Briar Pipe Co (1944)
Pipes produced for the US army (?)



no logo on the stem

(On silver band)

― M. A. ―

― Perfect Pipe ―

The Michael Apitz brand is marketed by Dan Pipe (Lauenburg GE) and is merely associated with tobaccos. The pipes are crafted in Denmark or Germany and are nearly always fitted with a 9mm filter.
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