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 Copenhagen Denmark
Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

Suhr's Pibemageri (pipe workshop) was owned by Teophil Suhr. Poul Rasmussen († 1967), Svend Axel Celius or Sven Knudsen used to produce the pipes proposed in the shop.

It is not established the red-white dot is Suhr's original logo. it may be the symbol used by Poul Rasmussen himself.
See also: Anne Julie (widow of Poul Rasmussen)


Brands with a spot or disk logo
Pipes with this brand are sometimes carved by Armellini.
 France England
Brands with triangle logo
 (Left side) Sunrise Amber Grain
  (Right side) Vintage Briar, F439


(Left side) Sunrise (Arched) Natural

(Right side) Made in England, 367


(Left side) Sunrise Tawny Grain

(Right side) Vintage Briar, 299

(Bottom) France

(Left side) Sunrise

(Right side) Chapuis Comoy, 3505

Churwarden model from the Chapuis Comoy workshops in Saint Claude (Fr) 
The Sunrise brand perfectly illustrates the split pipe production of a same label between Saint Claude (FR) and London (GB) during the period Chapuis Comoy and Comoy closely collaborated (prior to early 1970s).


Brands with an encircled letter logo

 (Left side) Sunway, De Luxe, Made in Denmark

Superior Grain

Brands with arrow logo

  Superior Grain


Brands with crown logo


(see John Surrey)


Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) Sussex
  (Right side) Made in England (In circle), 21B


Grant's San Francisco - Fine Tobacconists since 1849
San Fransisco, CA  USA


  SUTLIFF San Fransisco, Corinthian London Made, (in circle) Made in England
This pipe could have been crafted by Comoy.
Tobacconist's brand founded 1849 by Henry Sutliff. In 1925, Sutliff opened a shop in the 500 Block of Market St. In 1953, Ed Grant the manager, purchased the store renaming it Grant's Pipe Shop.
See also: Corinthian, Grant's
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