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  Barrister, Made in France
Pipes with this brand were carved in France and distributed in the USA by L & H Stern.


Saint Claude  France
Brands with chevron logo


(Underside) Bontemps Saint-Claude

(On stem) France, hand cut

Brand of the Berrod-Regad group.




  Bradberry Genuine Leather
A brand of Bradberry Briar Pipe Corp. NY
Other brand from this company: Town and Country, Wilkinson

Dr Maclean



  Dr Maclean Cartridge Pipe, London Made
A brand of Oppenheimer Pipes Ltd.

Golden Arrow


 (Side 1) Golden (Arrow mark) Arrow

(Side 2) Made in England, 32   Oblique arrow

It's not established this brand is a Comoy's second. Comoy very often used to prefix its seconds with "The" (in script). ex: The Guidlhall, The Everyman, The St James.
See also: The Golden Arrow
Brands with a gemstone logo 
  Marxman, Hand Carved, Imported Briar, Italy
Brand created in 1934 and merged with Mastercraft in 1953.

Old Pal



Robin Hood


 (Left side) Robin Hood

(Right side) 2008, Made in France


  Rustique Hand Made
Same arrow logo: Shelton Square

Shelton Square

  Shelton Square (in diamond), Genuine Bruyere, Algerian Briar, 18
A French brand of an unknown maker

Superior Grain

  Superior Grain

The Golden Arrow

See also: Golden Arrow

The Mayflower



  The Mayflower, Genuine Bruyere
See also (same arrow logo): Rustique, Shelton Square
  Yello-Bole, Air Control, Imported Briar
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