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The L&H Stern Inc. was established by Ludwig Stern (1877-1942) in 1911. His brother Hugo (1872-?) acted as vice-president & secretary. The firm moved to 56 Pearl St. Brooklyn in 1920. It closed down in the 1960s.
LHS was one of the main pipe supplier for US soldiers during WWII.
LHS second: London Royal, Stanhope
See also: Barrister
Brooklyn, NY
Lines names displayed in the 1944 Catalog.

Ultra Fine

Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

(Left side) LHS (In diamond), Ultra Fine
(Right side) Imported Briar (Underside) 28
 "Ultra Fine" was the highest grade of LHS's series.


 (Left side) Sterncrest, LHS (In diamond), Imported Briar
  (On ferule) Sterling Silver, LHS (In diamond)

Certified Purex

The brand's name as logo

Losange, Diamond


  Certified Purex, LHS (in diamond) Imported Briar



 Certified Purex, LHS (In Diamond) Imported Briar, Caboose  


Losange, Diamond

  LHS (In diamond), Purex, All Briar
Pipe with a briar stem. Other brands with such a mouthpiece: Barnaby, Il Ceppo, Kaywoodie Allbriar and Salvatella (other wood).

Patent Purex

Brands with 2 dots logo

  LHS (In diamond), Purex, Pat. N° 1587048, Real Briar
Brands with 3 dots logo

(Left side) LHS (In diamond) PUREX, Pat. N° 1587048

(Underside) 261

Sculptured Purex

Brands with one red dot logo


(Bottom right side) LHS (In diamond) Sculpured Purex

Purex Superfine

Brands with one bar logo

 (Left side) LHS (In diamond) PUREX, Superfine, Imported Briar, 12
Other lines names.


Brands with one red dot logo


 (Left side) Aladdin, LHS (in Diamond)


Brands with 2 dots logo


  Barrister, LHS (in diamond) Real Briar
Pipe stamped as a LHS "Barrister" line.
See also Barrister as a LHS second brand.


Brands with 2 dots logo


(Left side) Marwyn, LHS (In diamond)

Park Lane

Brands with one bar logo


Park Lane, LHS (In Diamond) De Luxe  



(On top) Redmanol, LHS (In diamond and arrow)
This model has a red stem (see enlarged pictures) made of Redmanol. More about Redmanol pipes.


Brands with one dot logo

(Left side) LHS (In diamond) Warwick
(Underside) 42
Pipe stamped as a LHS "Warwick" line. See also Warwick as a brand.
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