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Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) Barok
  (Right side  Bruyere St Claude
Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit. refers to this brand as being from Stanwell.


(Made in England)
Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Underside) 549, Barok, England
See also (same maker): Baroque


Brands with crown logo


  Baronet Bruyere, 511
Brands with star logo

  Baronet Bruyere, 1015
Losange, Diamond

  Baronet [ * * * ]
This Baronet doesn't seem to be from Savinelli. LHS had a Baronet line and this pipe may be one of those.


Brands with an unique letter logo
Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) Barontini, Cortina, 501 (Underside) Italy
  Barontini, Classica, 706, Italy
Brands with pipe logo

  Barontini, B 8
Brands with ring  logo
Marques avec un logo de 3 points

(Left side) Stuart, Cesare Barontini

(Underside) 407


Pipes with filled ring  logo

 (On top) Liburnia, Ambra
(Underside) Ilio, Barontini
Artisan: Ilio Barontini. He was a cousin of Cesare Barontini.
See also: Küttel


Brands with an unique letter logo


  Baroque, England
This brand is obviously from the same workshop than the "Barok" (Made in England). The two pipes displayed in these pages have exactly the same shape and the same "B" logo on the stem.


Brands with crown logo

  (top of shank) Barracini (Bottom) Imported Briar


USA  France
Brands with arrow logo

  Barrister, Made in France
Pipes with this brand were carved in France and distributed in the USA by L & H Stern.
See also: Britannia

Bartlett & Bickley

 London England
Brands with one red dot logo
  BARBIC # 459, Bartlett & Bickley, 217. Piccadily. London


  BARBIC # 413, Bartlett & Bickley, 217. Piccadily. London


Massa Marittima, Toscana  Italy
Brands with an unique letter logo

Artisan: Mauro Bartoli & daughters
Brand founded in 1950 by Mauro's father, Pietro Bartoli.


See Hasso Baudis


Meerschaum pipes

no logo on the stem

 no markings on the pipe

(On the case) ― Made in Austria ― ― Finest Culured Amber ―

In enlarged picture #1: "Finest Cultured Amber" means amberoid or acrilic mouthpiece.

In enlarged picture #2: Delrin push tenon (see also below)

Company founded in Vienna (Austria) by Andreas Bauer in 1906. In 1942 Ernst Bauer, the founder's son, took over the management of the enterprise until early 1970s when Turkish law banned the export of raw meerschaum. At this time Otto & Kopp Gmbh bought the trademark. They were a large Meerschaum distributor to the German tobacconists and good customer of the Turkish Konçak Meerschaums. Lastly Sedat Konçak bought the trademark in 1990. Unfortunatly the pipes carved in Turkey continue to be labeled "Made in Austria" (pipe next).

The original legendary Andreas Bauer pipes have a real amber bit with a bone screw tenon. The "Made in Turkey" Andreas Bauer pipes have an amberoid or acrilic stem with a delrin push tenon.
"AB" stamping on silver band


Brands with two letters logo

 (Left side) Bayard, 2 Carat, Bruyere Garantie
Brands with a vegetal logo

Pipes made of misc. woods

(Left side) Bayard (Right side) Olivier
Olive wood pipe with a briar insert. The enlarged pictures display quite well how the olive wood get darker over time.


Courbevois  France
Brands with two letters logo
  Bayle "Aera", Saint Claude
Brand created in 1968 by Jean Etienne Gustave Bayle (distributor). Address: 194 rue Charcot, Courbevoie. The pipes were made by third parties like M. Waille (EWA) and also by Genod. Brand discontinued in 1980.


(Best British Briar)


Brands with several letters logo

  Bru-Bu Swiss Made

BBK: Brunner-Buhofer-Kompagnie (1932-late 1970's) shortly called Bru-Bu. The workshop in Kleinlützel (Soleure/Solothurn) has been overtaken by "Former" Nielsen in 1986.

See also Drexler's Tabakstube



Brands with several letters logo
  Challenger London England, BB&S 5276
Brands with crown logo

 (Left side) Royal Londoner, Made in England
  (Right side) B.B.&S , 489S
Brands with an unique letter logo
   PORTLAND PIPE CO., B.B.& S London Made England, Dearborn 
BB&S: Benjamin Barling and Sons
See also: Londoner , Cragmoor, Portland
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