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Brand & factory were established in 1942 by Poul Nielsen. The company has been owned since 2000 by Nordisk Tobaks Kompagni A/S.
The factory in Borup crafted all Stanwell pipes from 1965 until 2009. From 2010 on the pipes are crafted by Barontini (Italy) exept for the limited editions.
Production (2007): 115 000 Pipes/year
Poul Nielsen

Flame Grain


 (Left side)

Stanwell (Italic), Flame grain

(Right side)


This pipe dates from the post war period when the brand wasn't yet registered.

"Stanwell" is stamped with script italic letters.

The S on the stem appeared only after registration of the trademark.

Selected Briar


 (Left side)   Stanwell, Regd.N°.969-48,
    Hand Made, In Denmark
  (Right side) Selected Briar, 19
The "Regd. No." stamping discontinued in late 1960s to very early 1970s

Royal Briar


 (Top side) Stanwell, Regd. No. 969-48, Royal Briar
 (Underside) 392 Made in Denmark
The crown's shape (not arched) seems to be slightly different from the usual one.



 (Underside) 179, Stanwell, Made in Denmark, Majestic
Ben Wade also had both a Majestic sub-brand and a line which are not to be confused with Stanwell's Majestic.

De Luxe

Brands with crown & letters logo


  Stanwell, De Luxe

Nana Ivarsson Design




Made in Denmark

An Ivarsson Product (In circle)


  See the same model in a smooth finish
The Ivarsson family (Sixten, Lars, and Nana) often contributed to design Stanwell's models.

Poul Winsløw for Stanwell



 (Underside) Winsløw Stanwell
The crown on "S" is missing.
The Preben Hom factory closed down in late 1985. Poul Winsløw had to start on its own and the first years were tough. Stanwell gave him the opportunity to collaborate by going with them to different exhibitions and finishing pipes. The pipe above is from this period.

Hans Christian Andersen



  Hans Christian Andersen
Limited serie for celebration in 2005 of the 200th birth anniversary of Hans Christian Andersen.



 Brass crowned S

Old Briar

Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) Stanwell, Regd. No. 969-48, Old Briar   (Right side) 580 (wthout filter)
Logo without crown.
The "Regd. No." stamping discontinued in late 1960s to very early 1970s



 (Underside) Stanwell, Regd. No. 969-48, Hand Made, Made in Denmark, 71
Logo without crown


Crowned "S" with a dot indicates an acrylic stem. Stanwell started using acrylic for their mouthpieces in 1995. This dot addition has been discontinued.
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