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Brands with two letters logo
The brand's name as logo

 Left side)

Scandia Fine Bruyere

(Right side)

Made in Denmark 818

Schiffsmakler Jürgensen

Brands with triangle logo

 (Left side) Schiffsmakler Jürgensen, Flensburg (Stem's underside) France
Private label of the Jürgensen shipbroker established in Flensburg (Germany) and famous for having inspired the painter Otto Heinrich Engel (1866-1949). A french crafted pipe distributed as a corporate gift.



Brands with pipe logo


[pipe emblem] Kalabash

Kappa Oro


Fata a Mano (Arched)

Guiseppe Schimmenti (In oval)

A Palermo (Arched)

The stem logo: the silver logo represents a bent pipe binded with the letter "K" (Kalabash).

The markings: The top of each letter in the "Kalabash" word have an arabic style. This refers to the architecture in the city of Palermo. Sicilian culture was strongly influenced by Moorish presence from the 9th to the 11th century.

Artisan: Guiseppe Schimmenti crafted pipes in Palermo (Sicily, IT) from the late 1970s to the mid-1980s (7 or 8 years). During this short period he crafted not more than 500 pipes, all by hand.

His production was marketed by famous places like "Noli" in Milan , "Fincato" in Rome, "Ricciardi" in Naples and a few other shops.

Workshop address: 416, Via Roma, Palermo.


Newark (NJ)  USA
Brands with one blue or green dot logo

  SCHOENLEBER Hand Made Imported Briar 5     Blue dot


Odenwald, Hesse Germany

no logo on the stem

 (Left side)

― Schowa ―

Brand of the Schum family who was established in Bad König (Odenwald, Hesse). The brand's name was made up of the Schum name and Odenwald. The factory crafted briar and porcelain pipes (Bavarian style).



no logo on the stem


◊― Roland (arched) Hand made (Arched) 0 (Inside circle) ―◊

Artisan: Roland Schwarz (born 1953)
Grading (ascending): 1 (Rusticated), 2 (Sandblasted), 3, 4 ... 9, 0, 00.

Scotland Yard

Brands with an unique letter logo

  Scotland yard, Made in London (circle) England

Scotsman's Delight

Brands with several letters logo


Brands with crown & letters logo

 (Underside) Scott
Same logos: Knute of Denmark, Kingsway,
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