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Brands with a vegetal logo


 (Left side) Chadhall Supreme
(Right side) Algerian Briar, Made in France
Brands with shield logo

(Left side) Chadhall Standard

(Right side) London Made England, 101

Given both French and English origin of the Chadhall pipes, this brand seems to be an import label possibly of a US distributor.

Chadhall pipes of French origin are obviously crafted by the same maker as Bayard, Omega, Thomas and Duke of Kent pipes.

Champ of Denmark

Karl Erik
Brands with several letters logo

  Champ of Denmark
Some pipes stamped with this label were distributed by Larsen & Stigart, a famous tobacconist in Copenhagen (closed). The warehouse had a workshop in which pipe carvers as famous as Søren Eric Andersen stayed a time. As a matter of fact Karl Erik Ottendahl was not the only contributor to this label.


Brands with three dots logo

   Champion Swiss+Made


   Champion De Luxe, Algerian Briar
   Champion De Luxe, Algerian Briar
The two dots are on top and bottom of the "C".




The brand's name as logo

 (Left side) CHAP (In oval) Imperial
(Right side) Saint Claude (Arched), Extra, 254-S
The brand was created in 1920 by the Chapel brothers. After belonging a time to Gefapip it was taken over in 1988 by the Berrod-Regad group.
Black en cuir Black en cuir


Brands with shield logo

 (Left side) Chapuis Comoy, Royal Coachman
(Right side) Made in France (In circle), 397
Short brand's hystory:
Founded in 1925 by Henry Comoy and his cousins Chapuis at St Claude. In 1928 Chapuis Comoy & Cie created the brand Chacom. Chacom is a contraction of Chapuis-Comoy.
After fusion with La Bruyere in 1932 the corporate owned the biggest pipe factory in the world. The London factory became independant in 1971 (see Comoy).

Charles Cross

Brands with one bar logo
  London Made #215 Made in England 
Other Comoy's seconds with a one bar mouthpiece logo: Carlyle, St James, The Golden Arrow, Town Hall, Trident


Brands with star logo

  Chateau, Bruyere Panel


Brands with an encircled letter logo


(Left side) "Chatham" (Right side) Algerian Briar, Made in France


  (Left side) Chelsea, Natural
  (Right side) 1933 [symbol] Chicago

Pipe and stand seem to have been manufactured for 1933 Chicago World's Fair which theme was: "A Century of Progress".

This pipe may be attributed to Comoy because of the exactly same "1933 Chicago" stampings of this Virgin Briar.



no logo on the stem

 (Underside) ―Cherepanov, Russia ―

Artisan: Sergey Cherepanov started making his firts pipes in 2008.

The pipes haven't any grading.

Production (2010): ~100 pipes/year


Brands with 2 dots logo
  Chester Briar ...the 42
Probably a brand of Reiss-Premier Co


Brands with two letters logo
  Chevalier, Armand
Brands with a vegetal logo
  Chevalier, Made in France, 92   Five petal flower logo
Brands with an encircled letter logo


 (Left side) Chevalier   (Right side) Algerian Briar, France
There is also a "Le Chevalier" brand


 Pipe from the first period (2003-07). Stems have a 14K or 18K Gold Sphere inlayed on the top.

no logo on the stem




2011 121

  Pipe from the Bill Shaloski (BS) - Premal Chheda (PC) collaboration period. The gold sphere on the stem has been canceled.
Bill Shalosky
Premal Chheda

Chheda Pipes are produced in Columbus, Ohio by Premal Chheda and Bill Shalosky (since 2007) in the Smokers' Haven Workshop. Premal has been making pipes since 2003.

Markings: each pipe is marked "CHHEDA USA" and with a three digit stamp in the order it was made.

Two grading systems.

  • XS (very small), S, M, L, XL, XXL, TITAN (very large)
  • From 1 to 10

Stems have a 14K or 18K Gold Sphere inlayed on the top.


Brands with two letters logo

 (Left side) Chippendale  (Right side) Made in, London England
The initials on the stem are "CD" as displayed in the enlarged view.


Brands with one dot logo


 (Left side) CHP-X, Hand Hewn
Artisan: Michael V. Kabik (retired in 1989-90) started making pipes in the early 1970s. The CHP-X brand is named after Chuck Holiday which Kabik replaces in 1971 when the former leaves the wokshop. The CHP-X studio closed In 1973. After this period Kabik created the Sven-Lar brand and produced it together with Glen Hedelson.


Brands with two letters logo
  J. Chretin Maitre pipier, Saint Claude, 437
Losange, Diamond

 (Left side) Real Chretin, St Claude
  (Right side) Diplomat
Artisan: Jean Chretin




Brands with crown logo
  KONG, Christian, Made in Denmark, 11  This model has same shape and size than Stanwell's #11


see Thomas Christiano


  "Churchill", Made in London, England
The logo on the stem seems to be a hat. Other hat shape logos: Lobbia, London Royal, Man About Town, Sabatini .
According to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit. it could be a Comoy second brand.


Norwich England
Brands with an unique letter logo

(Left side) Churchill's (Right side) Standard
Churchill's tobacco shop is situated in St Andrew's Street at the corner of Bridewell Alley. The shop was next to a church and at the bottom of two hills, and that's how it became "Churchill's". Former manager: John Elvin (retired on May, 31 2008). Current owner (2008): Keith Garrard
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