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(See Ferndown or Leslie Wood)

L. Roux

Cogolin France
Brands with two letters logo


(On top)

Provencale 305

(On bottom)

L.Roux. Cogolin

Bruyere des Maures

The brand's name as logo

 (Underside) Sandblasted Briar, L. Roux, Bruyere des Maures, 114
Brand created by Louis Roux in Cogolin (same village as Courrieu). In 1956 he sold it to M. Santo d'Amico who stoped carving pipes in the early 80's but continues to sell them nowadays (2009).

L.L. Bean

Brands with diamond logo
  L. L. Bean, Freeport ME, Imported Briar 
Brand founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean. The company produces and sells outdoor equipment.
These pipes were probably manufactured by Briarcraft.


Brands with two letters logo


 (On top)

L.S Cogolin


Veritable Bruyere, 301 E

This brand is a true mistery: the L.S initials do not correspond to any of the two pipe makers known in the little Cogolin village (FR): L. Roux and Courrieu.



Brands with animal logo

Leather clad pipe.
Brands with animal logo

 (Top side) L'Aiglon, France


Pesaro  Italy


(Left side) L'Anatra dalle Uova d'Oro [ 2 eggs]

(Underside) Made in Italy


Pipe with the egg symbol on the stem
Brands with animal logo
(Left side) L'Anatra dalle Uova d'Oro
This brand is one of the rare which decorates the stems of its best pipes with a three dimensional logo.

A duck on the stem
Artisans: Massimo Palazzi and Andrea Pascucci
Grading: 1, 2 or 3 eggs
Andrea Pascucci
Massimo Palazzi




  L'Artigiana, Produtta da, Cesare Barontini


La Fond's

Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Underside) La Fond's Vintage, Algerian Briar
Made in England, 9436

La Normandy

Brands with star logo

  La Normandy G1-05
Artisan: Pipes designed by Pierre Morel and crafted by Chacom.
Export brand of the Cuty-Fort holding for US Market

La Pipa

Losange, Diamond

 (Left side) La Pipa, L. Viprati

(Underside) ♣ ♣

Golden logo

 (Left side)

La Pipa, L. Viprati, Fatta a Mano

(Underside) ♣ ♣ ♣

White logo

La Rocca

Brands with two letters logo


 (Left side) La Rocca (Underside) Italy
 (Right side) Brazzi

La Ruche

Brand with an arcitecture logo

  "La Ruche"
Same logo: Honey-Swete
Similar logo: Savinelli's Melita line

La Salle

USA France
Brands with triangle logo


 (Left side) La Salle  (Underside) Made in France
 (Left side) La Salle (On stem) France
La Salle was a Iwan Ries & Co (IRC) import brand for leather wrapped pipes made in France. These pipes are listed in the 1962 tobacconist's catalog.

La Scala

Brands with pipe logo

  La Scala, 191
Same logo as "La Strada"

La Strada

Brands with pipe logo

  La Strada, Profundo, 94, Italy
Export brand seen in Tinder Box catalogue

La Torre

  La Torre Personal
Artisan: Ernesto Ossola, pipemaker between 1970 and 1990
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