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Le Baron

Brands with target logo


 (Underside) Le Baron

Le Chevalier

St Claude  France
Brands with person logo

  Le Chevalier, Saint Claude, France, 105

There is also a "Chevalier" brand

Other knight's head: Royal York

Le Foglie

the brand of Fabrizio Paolucci

Le Nuvole

Pipe smoking Pipe Tobaccos and Tobacco Pipes
Pesaro  Italy


  Le nuvole, Lavorate a Mano, In Italia



Le nuvole

Lavorate a Mano

In Italia

4 [Cloud]


Artisan: Maurizio Tombari (born 1952) collaborates with his wife Stefania.

This brand founded in 1996 offers amazing shapes.

Gradings: a number above a cloud.

  • Smooth pipes (ascending): 3 to 8
  • Sandblast pipes: S1 to S3
  • Rusticted pipes: 1 and 2

Dating: From Jan 1st, 2012 the pipes are stamped with a 2 digits number (12=2012).

Stefania Tombari 2008
Maurizio Tombari 2008

Le Pipier de Lunel

Brands with two letters logo

  J Waille, LUNEL (Upper case letters)



  J Waille, Lunel (Lower case letters)
Brands with a vegetal logo



  J Waille (No "Lunel" mark )


  J Waille, Lunel (Lower case letters)
Artisan : Jean Waille. He is the son of André Waille (†, pipe carver in St Claude), and nephew of Michel Waille (EWA).
Probable second brand: Captain Patty

Le Roi

Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) Le Roi, * * A
 (Right side) Lord Nelson, 3008
The grading (**A) and the logo on the stem (L) are very similar to those usualy found on A. Lacroix pipes.



no logo on the stem



― intertwined L S ―

― 02 ―

Artisan: Samuel Learned (born in 1936) used to study chemistry and became a lawyer (Patent attorney). He started about 1996 as a part time pipemaker mentored by Jim Margroum (Mr. Groum) and Ed Burak. Stag antler extensions are one of his specialities.

Production: ~ 200 pipes/year

Gradings (ascending): Star, Crescent (moon), Sun

Dating : a two digit number (02=2002) indicates the manufacture year (not always stamped).


Brands with star logo

  Pipe by Lee, Limited Edition
Brands with star logo


 (Left side) Pipe by Lee, Limited Edition
 (Right side) An Authentic, Imported Briar
Logo: 3 seven pointed brass stars.


  Pipe by Lee, Limited Edition
Logo: 1 seven pointed brass star


Logo: 2 five pointed coloured gold stars
 (Left side) Pipe by Lee, Limited Edition
 (Right side) An Authentic, Imported Briar
3 five pointed gold coloured stars partly deleted.
This brand was distributed by Stewart-Allen Co, Inc. NY.
Grading (ascending): 1 to 5 stars
Early pipes have seven pointed brass stars, middle run have five points and later pipes are stamped with coloured gold stars.
Lee seconds: Briar Lee , Gold Coast


Brands with several letters logo

 (Left side) Leghorn
Leghorn : traditional English name for the town of Livorno (Italy)

Legion of Honor

 (Left side) Legion of Honor, Commander   (Right side) Algerian Briar, Made in France
A sub-brand of Mastercraft for pipes imported from France.



no logo on the stem


― Leif ―

― Crown ―

― Handmade in Denmark ―

A brand from an unknown danish maker.


Portland, Oregon  USA



  The Premier, Straight Grain, LEONARD'S    On the silver ring A.L. Silver
Brands with an unique letter logo

  Leonard's, Meerschaum, Inner Bowl
    Aged Imported Briar


 (Left side) Leonard's   (Right side) Meershaum Inner Bowl
Brands with two letters logo

(Left side Leonard's, Straight, Grain     
    (Right side) London England


 (Left side) Leonard's, Double-Bore
(Right side) London England, 9488
The logo represents the two airways drilled into the stem. (see enlarged views)
Other "twin bore" pipes: Beau Nash, Grand Master, Kaywoodie Allbriar and Durobit, Radice, Siam, Twin Bore
Losange, Diamond

 (Left side) Dover, De Luxe   (Right side) Leonard Portland, 127
Brands with an encircled letter logo


 (Left side) Dover, De Luxe
 (Right side) Lenonard (Arched) Portland, 434
 (Underside) Made in England
These two "Dover De Luxe" pipes are from either Comoy's or GBD.
Home brand of Leonard's Pipe Shop, founded in 1936 by Arthur Leonard and closed in 1989
See also Leonard's as Sasieni second

Leonardo Da Vinci

Brands with an unique letter logo
[3 ship sails]

Leslie Wood

  L. Wood, Of London
Artisan: Leslie (Les) Wood
Pipes for the European market are stamped "L. Wood" while those for US are stamped "Ferndown".
Leslie Wood
Production: ~ 2000 pipes/year (Ferndown + L.Wood)
See also Elwood for better understanding of the strange logo.


Rich Lewis Pipe and Tobacco - Rich Lewis the best pipe Maker and Repairman in the US
Brands with ring  logo

Lewis SFR 783    Old-style Logo: brass dot inlaid within a green acrylic dot
Old-style Logo: brass dot inlaid within a green acrylic dot
The brand's name as logo

(Left side)

Lewis, Made in U.S.A.


1599 Original

Current logo : "LEWIS" (arched) on a dot ▲
Rich LewisRich Lewis


(L&H Stern)
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