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(see L.L. Bean)

Beau Nash

Brands with several letters logo

 (Left side) Beau Nash, London Made

(Right side) 9137

(On stem) Nash, Tuskan Lip, Pat N° 414197

Model with a 3-draw bore mouthpiece called "Tuskan Lip" (see enlarged picture #2). Some City De Luxe (an other GBD second) models have the same patented design.

Other "twin bore" pipes: Grand Master, Kaywoodie Allbriar and Durobit, Leonard's, Radice, Siam, Twin Bore,


Paolo & Fritz Becker Pipes
Brands with an unique letter logo


  Becker ♥♥♥

Paolo Becker is the son of the pipemaker Fritz Becker ( † 1991 )
See also: Becker & Musicò, Carmignani

Paolo Becker 2010
Fritz Becker

Hommage à A. Dunhill Hommage à A. Dunhill

Un tuyau vraiment amovible

Gradings: see DOK

Dating: Paolo Becker started stamping the manufacture year on his pipes in 2002, in order to underline the return to single production after leaving the "Becker & Musicò" store. (02=2002)

A history of Becker's markings here .



no logo on the stem

 (Underside) ― Handarbeit Paul Becker ―

The first Becker pipes markings were engraved by the artisan. This method was replaced by true stampings about 1985-86

no logo on the stem


― R ―

― Paul Becker ―

― Handarbeit ―

These stampings have been used untill 2003.

no logo on the stem

 (Underside) [Paul Pipes logo] E ―

Current stampings (2011): Two pipes forming a "P".

Artisan: Paul becker (born 1947) devoted himself to pipes as a full-time maker in 1990. In the late 2000s he established the "Paulpipes" brand.

Production (2011): ~ 150 pipes/year with about one PP graded pipe/year.

Grading (ascending): A and B (sandblasted) and C, D, ... Z (no I, O and Q). Hight end pipes: PP2 ... PP9, PP0.


Duisburg Germany

no logo on the stem

 (Left side)

― Wolgang Becker Germany (In circle)

― B (over) W (Inside circle)

[Two paws]

Artisan: Wolfgang Becker began to sell his pipes professionally in the middle of the 1990's.
Early grading (ascending): 1 to 9 and A to G for exceptional pieces.
Current grading (2011): wolf paws
Production: not more than 100 pipes/year

Becker & Musico

Brands with several bars logo

Logo and stamping from different pipes

Giorgio Musico
This brand comes from the partnership of Fritz & Paolo Becker and Giorgio Musicò ending up in the Becker & Musicò shop in 1989. When Fritz Becker passed, his son Paolo Becker didn't continue the collaboration. Massimo Musicò (son of Giorgio) established a new brand: Foundation

Bee Hive

Brands with an unique letter logo

  Bee Hive, Honey Lined, Genuine Briar
Absolutly nothing is known about this brand.

Bee Hive Co

Brand with an architecture logo

(Left side)

Bee Hive C°

(Right side)

Made In London




This pipe may be of a different origin than the "Bee Hive" brand displayed in the former entry above.


Brands with an unique letter logo

 (On bottom) Bel-Air, London Made, Made In England, 392
Same logo: Brentwood


Brands with ring logo


  Beldor De Luxe
Brands with an encircled letter logo


  Beldor Western


Buffalo, N.Y.  USA
Brands with animal logo


 (Left side) Bellezia
(Right side) Made in London, England
Pipes manufactured for Bellezia Tobacco Shop in Buffalo, N.Y. (hence the white Buffalo etched on the mouthpiece). The English manufacturer of this pipe is unknown.
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