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Brands with an unique letter logo


(Left side) Siam, London Made
Pipe with a twin-bore bit (see enlarged views)


The brand's name as logo

 (Left side) Sicana registered, De Luxe (In script)
  (Right side) 158
Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) Sicana (Arched) Grain, Registered
 (Right side) 301 (over 312)
 (Underside) Made in France
Former brand from Gros Grenier Ostero & Cie .
See also: GOC, OSA, Prior

Sigmund Pipas Sigmund ......Pipas Artesanas

Girona Spain
Brands with pipe(s) logo
Segimon Baulenas
Artisan: Segimon Baulenas 
He used to work at Salvatella factory from 1973 until its closure. He created then his own brand.
Production (2004): ~250 pipes/year


Brands with several letters logo
  Dominique, Signature
  (Left side) Signature    (Right side) Imported Bruyère
This brand of the Larus & Brother Co. proposed to customize their pipes by engraving the owner's signature or initials on the stem in addition to the "L" logo.


Kassel  Germany

 (Left side)


(Right side)

Savinelli 1876, Italy

(On band left underside)

925 (In oval)

Private label of Seiffert & Sohn GmbH. The pipes are usualy crafted by Savinelli. The brand corresponds to various accessories combining silver with wood, leather or glass.


  Silvano, Set

Silver Match



 Logo for pipes sold in France (?)


Pipes distributed by the famous lighter brand.
Others lighter brands distributing pipes: Flamidor, Myon, Ronson, S.T. Dupont

Silveren Dansk

  Silveren Dansk, 22
See also: Gulden Dansk


Brands with crown logo

 (Left side) Silverking
On sterling silver band: EP (In a diamond) L W M (In antique script)
   (Right side) Algerian Briar, Made in France   Silverking's logo is whiteGold King's is yellow

This is probably not a brand but rather the name of a line of an unknown french factory.

Other line from this factory: Big Ben Reputation , Gold King


London England
Brands with person logo
Brands with an unique letter logo

  H. Simmons, Burlington Arcadew


Brands with animal logo

  Simon Classic


Brands with several letters logo


 (Left side) Simplex, Unbreakable
  (Right side) Algerian Briar, Made in France


Brands with an encircled letter logo

 (Left side) Singleton Warwick   (Right side) 5, Made in England

 (Underside) Singleton Caveman

A brand of Singleton & Cole Ltd.
See also Conway, Senator

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