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Coat of Arms

Brands with an encircled letter logo

(Left side) Coat-of-Arms, London Made

(Right side) Made in England, 331 C

See also: Coat of Arms as a Sasieni line



no logo on the stem


― Cole ―

Artisan: Charles Cole (born 1965) started making pipes as a hobby in 2008. His career as hight grade pipe maker began in 2010 after a time spent working with Brad Pohlmann and Todd Johnson.


Brands with animal logo

(Left side)


(Right side)

Algerian Briar, Made in France

Brands with an encircled letter logo
 (Left side) Colossal, Custom Made (Right side) Algerian Briar, France
 (Left side) Colossal   (Right side) Corsican Briar, Made in France




  Colossals, Bark Grain, imported Briar, Italy
Brands with several letters logo

 (Left side) Colossals, Custom Made
 (Right side) Algerian Briar, France
Brands with star logo

 (Left side) Colossals, Custom Made
 (Right side) Algerian Briar, France
  Colossals Custom made, Algerian Briar, France
Produced by unknown maker in France and Italy


Brands with one red dot logo
 (Left side) Comfort, Finest Briar    (Right side) Foreign


Brands with crown & letters logo

  Commodore, Made in London, England
Brands with crown & letters logo
  Commodore, Made in London, England
Brand sold by Comoy or Charatan




 compass 2884/23, 8 London Made
  Compass Cardinal, London Made 87



Confrérie des maîtres pipiers

Brands with pipe(s) logo

Brands with shield logo

  Confrerie des Maitres Pipiers
Blazon : "Bend sinister charged with three pipes"
Blazon : "Bend dexter charged with three pipes"
Confrerie des maîtres-pipiers is an association whose objective is to bring together different pipe makers in the aera of Saint-Claude (France) and organize events aroud pipes. The "Pipe Museum" in Saint Claude is one of its most famous realization (50,000 visitors / year).


  Connoisseur, Imported Briar, Italy
Probably a brand of Hall & Fitzgerald.
The "Connoisseur" name has also been used by Lorenzo or Kaywoodie for their pipe lines.


Ed Burak Connoisseur Pipe Shop Online
New York  USA
 (Left side of shank) Burak (Signature)   (Left side of stem) Connoisseur
The brand's name as logo

 (Left side of stem) Connoisseur, N.Y.C.    (Right side of stem) Burak (Signature) 
The two pipes above are exceptions: On one hand Connoisseur pipes were never banded by the maker and on the other hand stampings on the stem were applied only if there was no enough room on the shank.
This brand is named after Edward F. Burak's pipe shop (New York, closed 2009). He didn't make the pipes he sold but he designed them. Tony Pesante (NJ) or Joe Cortegiano were craftsmen who worked for Ed.
Ed Burak


 (Left side) Converti, Serie III
  (Right side) 93, Italy
Due to the clear similarity between the markings (Serie III) and those of Mauro (Serie II) it is possible to derive that this is an Armellini second.


Brands with an encircled letter logo


91 Conway Standard

Made in London, England

Conway pipes were most probably made by Singleton & Cole. If te pipe is stamped with a shape number this probability almost becomes a certitude.
According to Wilczak & Colwell (op. cit.) Loewe had a line named Conway.
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