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Brands with animal logo


  PLAYBOY, Imported Briar


  M41A, PLAYBOY, Made in England
Pipe distributed by the wellknown men's magazine.


The brand's name as logo





  Plymouth, Imported Briar, Italy
  Plymouth, Made in England
These two entries prove that Plymouth was not only a Peterson product (second pipe) as it appears in Wilczak and Colwell's book (Op. Cit.)



no logo on the stem

 (Left underside)

― Handmade (arched) By ―

― Pohlmann ―

― U.S.A. ―

― Oregon (arched)

Artisan: Brad Pohlmann's first experiences in pipe making were at "The Briar Workshop" with Elliot Nachwalter and Jorg Jemelka during 5 years in the late 1970s. After a period of 16-year career in the computer industry he established as a professional pipe maker in 2003.

Grading: none


The brand's name as logo

  POL (In oval), Sublime


  PoL (In triangle)
Brand of Paul Morand at Saint Claude (Out of business).


Brands with an unique letter logo

Artisan: Tadeusz Polinski
ut. Krucza 27, 37-700 Przemysl, Poland
Tadeusz Polinski



no logo on the stem


― OP - Studio ―

Artisan: Otto Pollner Jr (1925- †2004) represents the 3rd generation of a pipe maker dinasty founded by his grand father Karl in 1878. He is the author of important books. His son Otto-Karl has taken up the torch.



no logo on the stem


[Aeroplane] 16 12 ―

Artisan: Alexandre Ponomarchuk (born 1971) started as a full time pipe maker in 2006 after a first life as aeroplane pilot.

Dating: Two numbers with 2 digits each. The first number corresponds to the order the pipe was made in the current year (16 for the above pipe). The second number stands for the year of manufacture (12 = 2012)

Pool & Smythe

Brands with several letters logo


 (Underside) Pool & Smythe Ltd, Magnum, Made in London, England, 804
This brand appears in the 1979 Tinderbox catalog (US tobacconist). See page 15.

Porsche Design

Netherlands Germany

no logo on the stem

 (Left side)

― Porsche Design, P' 3613 ―


◊― Made in Holland ―◊

no logo on the stem

 (On top)

[pd] Porsche Design―


◊― Made in Germany ―◊

no logo on the stem


[pd] Porsche Design ―


◊― Made in Germany ―◊

Former markings when these pipes used to be crafted by Oldenkott .

The "Porsche" pipes are designed in Germany by Ferdinand Porsche and crafted by Elbert Gubbels & Sons - Royal Dutch Pipe Factory* (Big-Ben, Amphora, Roermond...) from 2001. All the pipes of this brand are fitted with a 9mm filter but they can be smoked without.

See also Oldenkott's Turbo pipe line.

* The company has gone bankrupt on March 2012.


Brands with one red dot logo

 (Left side) Portland, Bruyere Garantie  (Underside) Italy
Although this pipe was crafted in Italy, Wilczak & Colwell (op. cit.) and J.M. Lopes (op. cit.) both refer to an English origin of this brand: Portland Pipe Co. After closing down of this company Barling produced some of its brands.
See also Portland by BB&S


Brands with two letters logo

  Posella, L 1, Fatta a Mano

Artisan: Vitaliano Posella is the son of Salvatore Posella who was a briar cutter. He started making pipes with his brother-in-law, Tonino Jacono and established on his own when Jacono moved to Jesi.

Address: Via Umberto I, 183.
88067 San Vito sullo Ionio (Calabria)

Salvatore Posella 2007
Salvatore Posella
Vitaliano Posella 2011Vitaliano Posella

Production (2011): 200-250 pipes/year

Grading (ascending): R (rusticated), RN, SR (partially rusticated), L, [star(s)] (smooth), F (straight grain), Fancy

Exceptional "F" or "Fancy" pipes are stamped with a additional "ViP" ("Vitaliano Posella").

Each grade is teared using a number (1-3) or repeating the stars (max : 4).


Brands with an encircled letter logo

  Potpourri, Italy
Brand of an unknown Italian maker.

Poul Hansen


no logo on the stem

(Left side) Poul Hansen, Copenhagen

Poul Hansen was a pupil of Sixten Ivarsson during the the 1960s and 1970s. He started as tool and machine maker for Danish pipe makers but soon decided to carve pipes on his own. He concentrated on American, Japanese and German markets. He founded the Danish Pipe Shop (Strøget, Copenhagen) which he sold to Steffen Nielsen in 1969.

Poul Hansen retired in 1998.

See also: Hansen Briar


Brands with a spot or disk logo


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