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Losange, Diamond

 (Left side) Robert's
 (Right side) Algerian Briar, Made in France
 (Underside) 0
Similar logo: Coronado, Union

Robin Hood

Brands with arrow logo

 (Left side) Robin Hood (Right side) 2008, Made in France
Brands with an encircled letter logo

 (Underside) Robin Hood, Bruyere, Extra
  See also (same logo): Empire State, Regis


Brands with an unique letter logo


  Robinson & Co, Ltd , Singapore


  Robinson & Co, Ltd , Singapore
 (Underside) Made in England, 12
Brand of the most renowned departement store in Singapore and Malaysia. Today, Robinson & Co. Ltd runs the Robinsons, John Little and Marks and Spencer stores in these two countries.


Briar Pipes - Artisan - Hand Made - Rocheleau
 Okanaghan Val, BC Canada
Brands with wooden spot or disk logo


Artisan: John Rocheleau. He had to give up pipemaking and dedicates himself to painting.
John Rocheleau



no logo on the stem

 (On bottom)

― Tony Rodriguez (In circle)

― U.S.A. ―

Artisan: Tony Rodriguez came into pipe carving scene in the early 2000s. He worked under the mentorship of Rick Newcombe, Jess Chonowitsch and Lars Ivarsson. He stopped making pipes about 2007 when he moved his family from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon.


Brands with ornate spot or disk logo


  Roermond Micr..., Made in Holland, 645
Royal Dutch Pipe Factory.
See also: Amphora, Royal Dutch, Humbry, Big Ben


Brands with several bars logo

Logo and stamping from different pipes

 (Side 1) Roger's, Standard
   (Side 2) Algerian Briar, Made in France
A brand of Roger's Imports

Rogrus ROGRUS freehand briar pipes - Robert Gruszczynski

Brands with two letters logo

Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

Artisan: Robert Gruszczynski
 La grenouille
(Rana temporaria)


The brand's name as logo
  President by Roland
Roland is a brand made for the Japanese market by the Fukashiro Co.

Rolando Pipes


no logo on the stem


― Atelier Rolando 07 ―

Artisan: Rolando Negoita is originally from Romania. He is also a jewelry and industrial designer.

Markings: The numerical code denotes the year of completion of the pipe (i.e.: 07 = 2007).

Grading: none.


(see Curt Rollar)



no logo on the stem


― Romeo [symbol]

― Handmade ―

― Italy ―



Artisan: Romeo Domenico's (Mimmo) legendary newspaper hat essentially helps him in his first activity: briar burl cutter. He proposes ebauchons to pipe makers all over the world. This art requires reading the briar to anticipate complex structure inside the wood and get the best of it. As a pipe maker he sits on the source of best raw material.

His wife carves pipes under her own Karin brand.


Brands with a gemstone logo


Jewel in stem.


Brands with 2 dots logo

Brands with an unique letter logo

Brand of the Ronson Corp. known for its lighters
Others lighter brands having distributed pipes: Flamidor , Myon, S.T. Dupont, Silver Match


Brands with an encircled letter logo

 (Left side) Rorex
  (Right side) Algerian Briar, 622

Rosa dei venti

Brands with star logo



(see Nino Rossi)

Rouge et Noir

Brands with crown logo


  Rouge et Noir, Finest Briar Italy


(see Larry Roush)


Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

 (Underside) 0C Daniano Rovera, Pietra, Italy, Fatta a Mano


 (Left side) Rovera, Prima  (Right side) Italy
Other brands with a map logo: Bonet, Johan Koch
Artisan: Damiano Rovera is the son of Dorielo (See also Ardor and Angelo)
Damiano Rovera


Brands with an encircled letter logo

The brand's name as logo

  Roverart Ricciolo, Italy, Fatta a mano

Roverart pipes have seven finishes:

  • Armony (Light Walnut),
  • Sinfony (Dark Mahogany),
  • Ricciolo (Carved Curls),
  • Ritmica (Rusticate with Red Accents),
  • Tuba (Carved with Bambu Shank),
  • Sax (Rustic Black with Screw in Bowl),
  • Cornetta.

Production:~ 500-800 Pipes/year

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