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Milwaukee USA


  Uhle's Algerian Briar


 ◊ Uhle'ss, Algerian Briar ◊ Stem logo : "U" with horizontal bars
Uhle's pipe shop was founded in the 1930th by Jack Uhle and is now operated by Jeff Steinbock, one of his former employee.

Uncle Paul



 ◊ Uncle Paul, Genuine Briar (Arched),...
   ... Styled by Lorenzo, A Product of Italy ◊


Losange, Diamond


(Left side) Union (Right side) Real Briar
Same stem logo: Coronado, Robert's


Brands with one red dot logo

  Universale, Brevettata, Superigienica, 3

Upper Ten

Brands with two letters logo


 (Left side)

Upper Ten

Reg. Trade Mark - N° 35478

(Right side)

London, 2139


(See James Upshall)


Vallendar am Rhein Germany


Artisan: Uwe Thormann
Production stoped in the late 1970's.
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