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(see James T. Cooke)

Cool & Sweet



  (Left side) Cool & Sweet, Real Briar
   (Right side) Made in ....
Brands with several letters logo


  Real Briar, Cool & Sweet, Empire Made

Copley's Oyster

 Los Angeles USA
Brands with animal logo
 Copley's Oyster London England 335 


San Francisco, CA USA
Brands with shield logo

 (Left side) Corinthian, De Luxe, London Made

(Right side) Grant's Pipe Shop,

San Francisco Calif

Made in England, 3376

Home brand of Grant's Pipe Shop, the former Sutliff shop, purchased by Ed Grant in 1953. He retired in 1988 and passed away in 2003. Ted Ware and Joe Barron took over the oldest californian tobacconist in 2004.


Brands with diamond logo
 See also (same stem logo): Robert's, Union


Brands with crown & letters logo

 (Left side) Coronation, Slalom
  (Right side) St Claude
This brand seems not to have any relationship whith its English homonym.


Brands with crown logo


(Left side) "Coronet" (Right side) Made in England
This English label name is the same as a Savinelli's second (below).


Brands with crown logo

 (Bottom) Coronet Bruyere   316 EX  Italy


Brands with 2 dots logo
Production: ~ 50 freehand pipes/year







Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

The Corsellini company has been producing pipes in Florence since 1880. Three generations of craftsmen:

  • 1880-1913 Arturo Corsellini
  • 1913-1966 Ugo Corsellini
  • from 1961 Alessandro Corsellini

Address: Via Maffei, 49 50133 Firenze, Italy

Alessandro Corsellini

Gradings (ascending): C, B, A (encircled letter)

See also: Brebbia Silver Star


Saint Claude  France


  Corsica, de Luxe
Brands with one red dot logo

  Corsica, Giants, 60601
Corsica is a brand of Henri Vuillard (Saint Claude) not to be confused with E. Vuillard & Cie (Saint Claude)
 Baiser le cul de Fanny Baiser le cul de Fanny

Corsican Briar

Brands with crown logo

 (Left side) Corsican Briar, France (Right side) Virgin - Natural
Pipe crafted in France for the US market and probably sold by Mastercraft.
See also (same crown logo): Royal Ascot


(See Joe Cortegiano)


Brands with star logo
 Cortina 455, Made in Denmark  

See also (Danish pipe with the same star logo):

Georg Jensen, Stern

Brands with crown logo

 (Left side) Cortina (Underside) G. Gant (or Gigant), 857
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