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The Henri Vuillard & Cie factory

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At the end of the 19th century the Vuillard house(1) managed by Paul Vuillard and established at Chemin de la Coupe (Saint Claude) produces match boxes and cases for spectacles.
At the begining of the 20th century on Henri's (son of Paul Vuillard) initiative the factory is converted to briar pipe production which are marketed under the "Corsica" brand.

Bill from 1897 issued by the house Paul Vuillard, manufacturer of match boxes and pince-nez cases.
1914 -1918
The Henri Vuillard factory produces pipes for the French army.
Number of employees : 170 -180

Cadastral map
Overall view from N-W of the so called "La Coupe" aera in Saint-Claude (1991).
Arrow: Henri Vuillard & Cie factory

Close view of H. Vuillard & Cie. On left side the Marmet-Regge wokshops.
The "La Coupe" spot wellcomes other pipe companies like Cottet-Emard or Marmet-Regge(2).
Late 1950s
The H. Vuillard et Cie factory closes down.

(1) Do not confuse H. Vuillard & Cie, producer of the Corsica pipe with E. Vuillard & Cie (rue du Faubourg Marcel). The two houses do not have any known family tie.

(2) Inscription on a fondation stone of the Marmet-Regge factory:
"1636 Anno dei hominis cruenta peste". The plague victims were thrown into the river Bienne at this place.

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