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The Decade Pipe Set

The Dunhill Decade Pipe Set is a collection of 9 pipes supposed to be representative for the models issued from 1900 to 1990. Each of the pipes represents a period of ten years production.
The case may be locked with a key to secure the pipes.
Four among the nine pipes
1900 - 1910 The Standard
A range of 30 shapes was first produced. Later a more complete standard range was introduced, starting with shape 31. This was the beginning of the numbering system on Dunhill pipes.
Stampings: Bruyere 31 F/T 1 England21

1911- 1920 The Prince
The “Army Mounted” pipe featured a silver mount to facilitate the replacement of the mouthpieces, often broken or lost in the trenches.
Stampings: 308 AD 925er

1951 - 1960 The Bamboo
A pipe with a bamboo stem was introduced and became popular in overseas markets.
Stampings: Shell W42 F/T 4 England22

1961 - 1970 The Cavalier
The shell “Cavalier” was fitted with a detachable sump (for “wet” smokers).
The nine pipes of the collection are stamped with approximatively the same date suffix: they were manufactured the same period.
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