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Dating and size of the Lady's Cocktail pipe

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The Lady's Cocktail Pipe is an atypical pipe in the Dunhill's production because it appeared at a time when it was still possible to believe in a market for a feminine pipe smoker.
This document aims to provide proof of the year the model was issued and gives details as to its size which the rare available pictures actually do not show.
The article below may be considered to be concomitant with the marketing of the pipe.
Source: magazine Modern Mechanix, issued March 1934.

Even if the hand in the picture below is masculine, it gives a good idea of the incredible smallness of the pipe.
▲ Overall length: 17cm. ▲ Length of the stem: 13cm
The finish of this pipe (brown shank and sandblasted bowl) is different from others Lady's Cocktail Pipes here. But in every cases one will note the lack of any date suffix usually stamped on Dunhill pipes.
A green version of the "Lady's cocktail pipe".
A red version of the "Lady's cocktail pipe".
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