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"Grand Slam" patent description

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Comoy's 1936 AD
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The metal filter system forces the air stream through a go-between space before entering the stem and the smokers mouth.

Drawings from the original patent document, re-colored for explanatory intention.

8 (red): hollow screw

6 (yellow): leather washer

Grand Slam patent description

Patent Number 2001612 (USA)

Patent Number 341422 (Canada)

Inventor: Marcel C. H. Jacquemin (see also: Newhaven)

System patent granted in 1933 (Montreal, Canada)

Leather washer fitting on the end of the stringer
Global view of the Grand Slam filter

Grand Slam pipes have a "*" followed by a number on the underside (*5 in the picture opposite).

The number refers to the size of the leather washer that fits on the end of the stinger.

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