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(See Elliot Nachwalter)


Brands with an unique letter logo


  Nantua, Made in France, Imported Briar
Ropp stamped a cursive R on the stems of some of their export pipes.


Brands with one dot logo

 (Left side) National, Real Briar
National could be a second from Comoy or from Maurice Pipes (Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit.). The black spot can also occur on the right side of the stem.

National Cob

Corn cob pipes


National Cob Pipe Works

Trade Mark



Union, MO

Natural World

Brands with ornate spot or disk logo
  Natural World, Hand Made (On the logo)
Artisan: Frank Augsberger (1959-1995 †). He carved pipes from 1978 to 1987, first in Chicago and later in Lombard (IL).


Brands with star logo




no logo on the stem


― Nazarenko M, Hand made ―

Artisan: Maksim Nazarenko

NCLR "Non Canta La Raganella"

(See: Raganella)


Brands with two letters logo
Brand of an importer from Turin in the 1980's


Rolando: see Rolando Pipes


Brands with shield logo

Brands with pipe logo

 (Left side) Nemerit's, Amber
 (Right side) London England, 9456




 (Left side) Neptune, déposée (Right side) Real Briar, Made in France
Pipe gainée de cuir     Leather clad pipe

New York

Brands with two letters logo



The brand's name as logo


Brands with one dot logo


 (Underside) Newhaven, Made in England
(Underside) Jacquemin LTD, Pat. Applied for
Pipe with an aluminium shank.
The system in the shank which equips this pipe (see enlarged views) looks very similar to the one Comoy named "Grand Slam". The patent corresponding to this system is signed Marcel C. H. Jacquemin. Thus it seems likely the inventor adapted the system on pipes produced for his own benefit.


Brands with animal logo

 (Left side) Nic'Out, Systeme Déposé
(Right side) munie du filtre, Riz La +
 The logo: a rooster on two circles.


: see

Nils Thomsen

Berlin  Germany
Brands with two letters logo
Pipe from the "Berliner Kollegiumspfeife" line which started in 2003.
Nils Thomsen

Nino Rossi

The brand's name as logo

 (Left side) ROSSI (Right side) 104
Rossi's first logo: an inlaid metalic oval disc.
The brand's name as logo

Brands with 3 dots logo

 (Left side) Rossi , Spiral, Made in Italy
Brands with an encircled letter logo

 (Left side) FRB (In oval)
(Right side) MFD. By Rossi
After the first world war Leonida Rossi was designated as chairman and joined by his brothers. The name of the corporate became Fratelli Rossi Barasso hence the FRB abbreviation.
Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) Nino Rossi 1886
 (Right side 167
Brand founded in 1886 by Ferdinando Rossi senior. He estabished a factory in Barasso, 5 miles away from Varese. The pipes production by the 850 employees reached 50,000 pipes/day in 1936.
Ferdinando Rossi junior headed the company from 1946 until close down in 1985.
Ferdinando Rossi Senior


Nostalgie Istambul Orient Express
Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

 (Right side) 3, Italy
Pipe distibuted either by Intraflug AG or by Transeurop Eisenbahn AG. These two Swiss corporates run one after the other the mythical train.
Orient Express
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