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Logo and stamping from different pipes
Pesaro school


Anneau, Ring 

(Left side) Stuart, Cesare Barontini

(Underside) 407

Bill Sargent



 (Left side) Bill Sargent, Topeka. KS.    

Logo: 3 aligned dots, the last is faded.

Artisan: Bill Sargent († in the 80s) pipemaker, reparman, and tobacco shop owner in Topeka, Kansas.
Montreal, Quebec  Canada

 (left) Blatter Montreal, Select

(right) Robert Blatter

(bottom) 128-93, B.A. PHILO 93

This is the only Blatter pipe in the world with three dots.
Brands with one dot logo Brands with 2 dots logo Brands with 4 dots logo Brands with more than 4 dots logo


 3 dots (horizontal)


 3 dots (vertical)


 3 dots: 1 big & 2 little (triangle)


3 dots (triangle)

(Underside) 388 2, Brigham, Canada

Pipes with three aligned dots on the stem correspond to the 6xx numbered shapes (600 series).
Those with the three dots in a triangle layout correspond to the 300 series


Artisan: John Calich († 2008)

Production (2005): 200-500 pipes/year



Dartmouth, MA  USA


  Kiess Patriot USA, SM 2004 (Carved in 2004)
Artisan: Robert C. Kiess is a physician, Doctor of medicine.
Other physician carving pipes : Daniel Jud
See also (same logo): John Surrey
Brands with one dot logo  


Artisan: Ron Fairchild
~ 100 pipes / year


 Czech Republic
Brands with one dot logo Brands with 2 dots logo Brands with a spot or disk logo


Artisan: Pavel Hodula





  John Surrey L.T.D. Golden Burl
John Surrey, Ltd.,
5th Fifth Avenue New York NYC, NY


Long Island USA


Brands with diamond logo Brands with 2 dots logo

(Left side) LHS (In diamond) PUREX, Pat. N° 1587048

(Underside) 261

 (Left side) Rossi , Spiral, Made in Italy


(Left side) Perri
The dot in the middle is of same size but different color than the two others.


Artisan: Paul Perri (retired 1997 in Hawai)


 (Left side) La savinelli, Giubileo d'Oro
  (Right side) [Shield] 624 KS, Italy





(Underside) Totem Star, 2010 USA 90025 038 Cu3

(Left side) Tsuge Three Point

(Right side) 206 Made in Japan


 (Underside) Wilshire, Three Dots, 10
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