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C.B. Perkins

Pennsylvania USA
Brands with pipe logo

(Left side) C. B. Perkins, Curvee (Right side) 43
Brands with an encircled letter logo
C.B. Perkins, Braeburn, Made in London England, 152
CBP Heritage, Ben Franklin, Made in London (In circle)
Brands with an unique letter logo

(Left side) C.B. Perkins, Hand Made
Do not confuse this brand with the English Perkins.


Brands with one dot logo

The ... Lipton (?) CPF (In oval)
The brand's name as logo

(Left side)

French (Arched) CPF (In oval) Briar (Arched)

(On band)

[Anchor] [Star] [Bird] C.P.F. (In oval)

The brand's name as logo

(Left side)

Chesterfield C.P.F. (In oval)

(Hallmarks on band)

[Anchor] [Star] [Bird] C.P.F. (In oval)

The C.P.F. Chesterfield pipe may be compared to Kaywoodie's Chesterfield.
Brand created in 1851 by Consolidated (or Colossus) Pipe Factory (Chesterfield Pipe Factory), taken over by KB&B in 1883


Brands with chevron logo

Cadet, Italy, B610
This pipe is from the Savinelli's Cadet line. But for an unknown reason (fills?) the Italian maker has omitted any reference to the brand: The "S" on the stem logo is canceled and the "Savinelli" stamping on the shank disappeared. Compare with the true Savinelli Cadet and observe these omissions.





Caesar, Made in Italy

Brands with crown logo


Thomas Cristiano
Brands with an unique letter logo

CALABRESI (Straight with serif) L'artigiano
CALABRESI (gothic) Imported Briar
See also Londonaire, a Calabresi sub-brand or serie.


Brands with two letters logo


Brands with two letters logo

Calaman Natural, Italy, 700


Une ancre énigmatiqueMastro de Paja
(Left side) Calibano (in banner)
(Right side) C2 Fatta in Italia
(Bottom) 108

Brands with wooden spot or disk logo
C2 Fatta in Italia
Brands with wooden spot or disk logo
Calibano, Aurora, C 011


Brands with several dots logo
Brands with one dot logo

Calich, Hand Made, 81 (over) 9

Artisan: John Calich († 2008)

Early grading: 3 - 14. By the late 1980's Calich introduced 15,16, and even one 17.

In the mid-90's the grade system changed employing a number of E's

Last gradings: 3E - 7E (10E was the top level but levels exeeding 7E or 8E never have been used)

Production (2005): 200-500 pipes/year


Brands with 2 dots logo

(Left side) Calvert, Super De Luxe
(Right side) Imported Briar
A dot on each side of the stem
Brand distributed by Harry J. Gorfinkel (Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit.)


Brands with crown & letters logo

(Left side) Cambridge (Script)
(Right side) English Fashion, Selected Quality

According to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit. this is an English brand which may belong to makers or sellers as different as Hall & Fitzgerals, Comoy, GBD and ... John Aylesbury.

See also: Passat (Same logo)


The brand's name as logo

(Left side) Camelia (In oval)
(Right side) France, 677
Losange, Diamond

(Left side) Camelia (In oval) De Luxe
(Right side) Paris


Logo of the new Caminetto period (big moustache)
(Left side) " Caminetto", Excellence
(Right side) Hand Made in Italy, Cucciago (Co)
New Caminetto period (big moustache)
(Left side) Caminetto, Super Moustache
(Right side) Hand Made in Italy, Cucciago, (Co)
Former logo (slender moustache) corresponding to the first Caminetto period.
Caminetto Business 121, Handmade in Italy Cucciano (Co) Gold moustache, Lucite stem
(Left side) Caminetto, Business, 113
(Right side) (Crest) Ascorti, Radice, Cucciago, Cantu - Italy, KS

Brand created in 1968 by Giuseppe Ascorti († 1984), Luigi Radice and Gianni Davoli as distributor.

  • 1979 : End of he first Caminetto period. Luigi Radice left the company. Giuseppe Ascorti produced the Sergio pipes (a short time) and moved into his new workshop with his son Roberto. (See also Capitello)
  • 1986 : New Caminetto period by Roberto Ascorti
Guiseppe 'Peppino' Ascorti
Luigi Radice 2009
De Caminetto pour Tinderbox De Caminetto pour Tinderbox



no logo on the stem

(Underside) Camphausen, A

Artisan: Oliver Camphausen (born 1968) carved his first pipe in 2000. In 2006 he established as an independant pipemaker. Bulldogs and Volcanos are his favorite shapes.

Grading (ascending): 5, 6 ..., 9 and A, B, C


The brand's name as logo

Camy, Saint-Claude
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