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Black Diamond

 (Underside) Black Diamond, Imported Shelled Briar, 3165 / TD
This brand could be a DUNCAN's second according to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit.


  Bradberry Heritage
A brand of Bradberry Briar Pipe Corp. NY
Other brand from this company: Town and Country, Wilkinson

Briar Lee




 (Left side) Briarcliff  (Right side) Mediterranean, Aged Briar
Brand of the Penn Tobacco Company formed in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania in 1901 by Russell Uhl († 1914) and Henry Weigand († 1942).
See also: Bruce Peters, Broadcaster, Vox Pop
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  Brigham, Voyageur, 184
Pipes with one dot on the stem correspond to the 1xx numbered shapes (100 series)
 L'inflation de points L'inflation de points


  Brughiera, Vera Radica
Silver spot on the stem.
Brughiera: translation (IT): Briar


Golden dot
  ... Lipton (?) CPF (In oval)
Brand created in 1851 by Consolidated (or Colossus) Pipe Factory (Chesterfield Pipe Factory), taken over by KB&B in 1883
  Calich, Hand Made, 81 (over) 9




 (Left side) CHP-X, Hand Hewn
Artisan: Michael V. Kabik (retired in 1989-90) started making pipes in the early 1970s. The CHP-X brand is named after Chuck Holiday which Kabik replaces in 1971 when he former leaves the wokshop. The CHP-X studio closed In 1973. After this period Kabik created the Sven-Lar brand and produced it together with Glen Hedelson.




Brands with one bar logo
 (Left side) Pipa Croci, Fatta a mano, Mantova Italia, dal 1983
  (Right side) [Emblem in oval] .True.
Artisans: Paolo & Gianni
Grading (ascending): Pipa Croci, Amica, True, True I, Quality Street, Starlight, Golden Flame.
Production (2007): ~ 3000 pipes/year


 (Left side) A. Curts
 (Underside) 5
Artisan: "Arley" Curtz, Utah (USA)
The stems of the A. Curts pipes are also marked with 2 dots (a red and a white).

Di Franco

Trento, NJ  USA
  Hand Made, C. Di Franco




  E Andrew 1993        Gold dot
Edward Andrew Jurkiewicz




Houston, Texas  USA
Brands with 3 dots logo  
  Ron Fairchild, 2005
Artisan: Ron Fairchild
~ 100 pipes / year


Vienna Austria


(Left side)

[Man smoking a pipe]


Wien Am Hof, 4

Due to the way this pipe is crafted it could be from the 1930s. Probably a private tobacconist's label in Vienna.

The "Am Hof" square is the largest and oldest square in the inner city of Vienna, Austria.

  605, Gasparini, Briar Extra, By NIGT
Brands with a spot or disk logo


Artisan: Darius Christian


 Czech Republic
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Artisan: Pavel Hodula

Jørgen Nielsen

(Left side)  Jorgen Nielsen
  (Right side) Hand Made , in Denmark
Faaborg Denmark
VVVV Old Briar Straight Grain
  KARSTEN TARP (curved) Denmark (in circle) Hand Made, A
Bodmin Moor, Cornwall England  USA
  Larrysson, Hand Made
Artisan: Paul Hubartt
Dating code: pipe number followed by the year of creation.
No grading system.
(Left side) LHS (In diamond) Warwick
(Underside) 42
▲ Pipe stamped as a LHS "Warwick" line. See also Warwick as a brand.


Ludwig Pfeifen Lorenz


  Lorentz, Innsbruck, Doppelfilter, Original
  North Carolina  
  A4, McArris by McCranie, Made in England
This pipe actually was crafted by William Ashton Taylor of "Ashton" pipes in 1990 for the pipe shop of Charlotte (NC).

Mastro Beraldi

  Mastro Beraldi, Italy
Artisan: Aldo Pierluigi


 (Underside) Maremma, Vera Radica


 (Left side) National, Real Briar
National could be a second from Comoy or from Maurice Pipes (Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit.). The black spot can also occur on the right side of the stem.




 (Underside) Newhaven, Made in England
(Underside) Jacquemin LTD, Pat. Applied for
Pipe with an aluminium shank.
The system in the shank which equips this pipe (see enlarged views) looks very similar to the one Comoy named "Grand Slam". The patent corresponding to this system is signed Marcel C. H. Jacquemin. Thus it seems likely the inventor adapted the system on pipes produced for his own benefit.




Friedland and Jackson Ltd.

Paul Perri



Made in France

 (Upper side) Specially selected for, Peterson's Ltd
  (Underside) Imported Briar, Made in France
See also Lord Kirk with the same "Specially selected" stamping

Pipe Den

 Florida USA




  Pipex (over) Greece
(Left side) ◊ Mimmo Provenzano 2012 ◊
The dot on the stem is a former symbol canceled in 2012.

Artisan: Mimmo Provenzano (born 1968) started carving pipes in 2009.

Grading (not stamped)

  • Smooth pipes (ascending): A B C
  • Rusticatec pipes: R
Mimmo Provenzano
Ancona Italy


 (left side) NON CANTA LA RAGANELLA, Prima
Alternative nomenclatures:
Raganella, La Raganella, Non Canta La Raganella, NCRL
See also: Anselmi (Adriano)


Tokyo  Japan


 (Underside) [ideograms] Smio Satou, Japan
Artisan: Smio Satou (born 1944 - retired)
Production (2010): 40-50 pipes/year
Hight grade freehand pipes with bamboo extensions
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 (Left side) La Savinelli, Punto Oro
The dots on the stems of Punto Oro pipes are made of brass.


  Savinelli, Nonpareil, Italy   Exceptionally one dot, usually two.
 (Left side) Ser Jacopo, Fatta a Mano
(Right side) Per Aspera ad Astra
(Underside) L1 (in circle)
Grey dot on the mouthpiece. This sign was the first the brand used on the stems of its bottom-of-the-range pipes.


  Stanton Genuine Briar





Bjørn Thurmann

79 Hand Made Denmark


Losange, Diamond

The brand's name as logo

(Left side) TOMY, Super luxe Pipes, Trade-Mark

  Totem Star, 2008 USA 60174, 023 Ag1 
Artisan: Gunnar Weber-Prada working in Los Angeles CA (2009).
The 5 digit number is the zip code of manufacture location.
The 3 digit number is increased by 1 for each new pipe carved.
Grading: 4 levels (ascending): Cu (Cupper), Ag (Silver), Au (Gold) and Pt (Platinium).
Each of the levels has three stages represented by 1-3 dots of that metal inlaid into the stem.
Brands with a spot or disk logo
  (Left side) Vauen Luxus
    (Bottom) 6298
  Viggo Nielsen, Faaborg, Handmade, Jewel of Denmark


  Walls, Customade, Mansfield. O.
  Weber, Filter Smoke


  Willard, Imported Briar
  Yoprkshire, Imported Briar
Brand of Sears, Roebock & Co made by Gasparini (J. Lopes op. cit.)
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