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Prammer Prammer Freehand Pipes

Ungenach (Oberöstereich) Austria
Bog wood pipes (Morta)

Brands with an encircled letter logo

(Underside) Prammer
A Bog-Oak (Morta) pipe with a finely-worked silver band.
Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

PJ Austria
Brands with ornate spot or disk logo


PJ Austria

Artisan: Joseph Prammer (born 1953) begun to carve pipe in 1993 and soon became a Bog-Oak specialist.

Production (2007): ~200 pipes/year

Grading (ascending): C, D, E, EE
Prammer's Bog-Oak pipes are not graded

Joseph Prammer

Preben Holm

Brands with crown & letters logo


Preben Holm, CROWN, Hand Made in Denmark


Preben Holm Fancy Matt Hand Made in Denmark C5

The "C5" stamping appears on pipes distributed in the USA by CAO who took over distribution from Lane Ltd. in 1985. This distinguishing stamping was to avoid warranty issues with pipes that were not of CAO's distribution. In other words a pipe stamped "C5" is from the very last Preben Holm's production period.
Brands with an unique letter logo


Britta Bech by Preben Holm

3 (In circle) Hand Made in Denmark

The brand's name as logo


Preben Holm, Private Collection
A (In circle) Hand Made Denmark

The Private Collection line is from Preben Holm's last period in the late 1970s, early 1980s. The wood was selected by Preben himself and he designed and carved these flawless pipes characterized by an exceptional grain. It was, as he said, the best of the best.

Two gradings systems (see dok):

Early letter grading (ascending): A, B, C, D

"x0x" grading system (ascending): 101, 202, 404, 606 and 808.

Artisan: Preben Holm (1947- †June 8, 1989)

See also: Ben Wade, Danish Pride, Frasorteret, Harcourt, Monte Verdi, Pipe-Dan, Pipe Lon, Wengholt

Preben Holm


Losange, Diamond

Premier, Superb, Real Briar
Brands with one red dot logo

Premier, Superb

A brand of Reiss-Premier Corp. This corporate used to manufacture pipes with Redmanol stems.

Second or sub-brands: Berkshire, Chester, Fremont, Pinehurst

See also: Devonshire



no logo on the stem


― Prevost (Arched)

― 10 ―

― U.S.A. ―

Artisan: Pete Prevost

Grading: none

See also: Medici

Prince Albert

Brands with anchor logo

Prince Albert, Piccadilly

Pipe from the well known tobacco brand. John Middleton purchased "Prince Albert" in 1987.

Pipes from a tobacco brand on this site: Clan, Borkum Riff, Prince Albert, Mac Baren

Prince Amled

Brands with crown logo

(Left side) Prince Amled, Made in Denmark, Hand Made
(Bottom) 264

Prince of Denmark

Prince of Wales



The brand's name as logo

Prior, De Luxe

Brand of the Gros, Grenier, Ostero & Cie

See also: GOC, OSA, Sicana

 La Savate d'Or



no logo on the stem


― Proctus, De Luxe ―


― Made in Denmark, 40 ―

― Old Briar ―

The maker of the Proctus brand is probably Bari (to be confirmed).


(Left side) Professor
(Right side) London England , 1421


Brands with an unique letter logo

Prometheus, Italy



(Left side) Protter NYC
Artisan: Ben Protter (born Sept 13, 1900 - †) first entered the pipe business as an importer and distributor. In the late 1940s he started to manufacture his own pipes in his shop in Brooklyn.
 Index des pipes à insert


Brands with one dot logo

(Left side) Mimmo Provenzano 2012
The dot on the stem is a former symbol canceled in 2012.
Brands with two letters logo


Mimmo Provenzano


Artisan: Mimmo Provenzano (born 1968) started carving pipes in 2009. His pipes are distributed by Mario Lubinsky.

Grading (not stamped)

  • Smooth pipes (ascending): A B C
  • Rusticatec pipes: R
Mimmo Provenzano

PS Studio


no logo on the stem


― PS Studio ―

PS Studio pipes are made in St Petersburg. Vladimir Grechukhin designs the pipes and they are manufactured after his instructions by two carvers in the the workshop.

Pipes are also stamped "PS Studio, Handmade, Russia”.

Demin, one of the 2 carvers, stamps his own name on the pieces he makes from the beginning to the end.



no logo on the stem


Will Purdy

USA 2011



no logo on the stem


Will Purdy

USA 2007

B x

Artisan: Will Purdy (born 1958) is a autodidact pipe maker who realized his first pipe in 2000.

Markings: a four numeral stamp indicates the manufacture year.

Gradings (ascending):

  • E, D (rusticated or blasted),
  • C (rusticated, blasted or smooth),
  • B, A and Turtle (smooth)

"Turtle" with a number: exceptional pipes. Each Turtle graded pipe is numbered relative to its production order in Purdy's career.

Extra stampings after the letter grade:

  • "+" : large pipe
  • "x" : difficult shape

Production: ~ 60 pipes/year

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