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The brand's name as logo

  Match, St Claude


see Eder Mathias


Brands with triangle logo
  Mathiss Extra [Triangle] 3141 , N


 South Africa
  Mattner Johannesburg
Artisan: William Mattner (†) of german origin.




― Matzhold [spermatozoon]

― Hand made, in Austria ―

― 8 D―

Artisan: Peter Matzhold (born 1952) is a fulltime pipemaker since 1978.

Production (2006): ~ 200 pipes/year

Grading (ascending): A, B (both rarely used), C, D up to G. CU is for the very top pieces.




  Calabash by Maurizio
This brand has nothing to do with Maurizio Tombari's Le Nuvole.


Brands with a spot or disk logo

 (Left side) Mauro, Series II
   (Right side) Italy, 325
Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) Mauro, Serie II
Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit. attribute this brand to Mauro Bartoli. But both the dot and the "m" logos allow to attribute definitively this brand to Mauro Armellini.
Mauro Armellini (1936-2004)

Mauro Cateni

Brands with shield logo

(Left side) Mauro Cateni, Arte Individuale
(Right side) Sel. Nuova Rossa
Probably a fictional person name for a second brand of an unknown manufacturer.
Known line names: Brulio, Classica, Gialla, Nuova Rossa,

Max Brandt

Brands with ring  logo

Artisan: Max Brandt is the son of Oliver Brandt ("Olive").

Max Brandt

Markings: Max's pipes are stamped with the MB initials. The "Brandy" line is realized in common.

Grading for "MB" (and "Olive") pipes (ascending):

AA, EX1, ..., EX12, Artline and Rune (rare)

Grading for "Brandy"s (ascending): 1,2, ..., 12




The Maxim brand was produced for whole sale company Terella in Hamburg. Terella delivers the Wolsdorff tobaconnist's chain throughout Germany. These pipes were made by Oldenkott and today by Design Berlin.


The brand's name as logo

Mc Gahey

Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) Mc Gahey
(Right side) Made in London (in circle) England, 56071

Mc Intosch

Brands with crown logo

 (Top) Mc Intosch, Royal Brown (Bottom) 2218, ENGLAND
Some Mc Intosch pipes are sometimes stamped "ENGLAND". This marking doesn't refer to the country of origin but is merely a marketing argument.



no logo on the stem


― Medici ―

◊― [ornamental frieze] ―◊

― U.S.A.―

Medici is a brand for pipes carved in a collective pipe workshop initiated by Jody Davis, Todd Johnson, Steve Morrisette, and Bruce Weaver in Nashville (USA) in 2010. Other pipe makers participating: Pete Prevost, Scott Holtman, Adam Davidson...

Meier & Frank

Brands with crown logo

  (Left side) Meier & Frank, Natural Grain

(Right side) Made in London, England

Name of a former chain of departement store founded in Portland Oregon (USA) in 1857.

Meliora cogito

Brands with a spot or disk logo
 by Massimo Angelo for Ser Jacopo


for Dante pipes


(See P. Mercier)


Tanzania  England
Brands with animal logo
  J/F, Merlin, Made in Kenia
Brands with animal logo

 (Left side) 73 Merlin
(Right side)   Made in Tanganyika
Same antilop logo: Safari

Merlin was a brand of the Oppenheimer group. The meerschaum pipes were produced in association with Tanganyika Meerschaum Corporation from Amboseli Pipes. (J.M. Lopes, op. cit.

See also: Countryman, GBD, Kiko, Kikob, Kilimanjaro, Kudu, Twiga, Sportsman


Brands with an unique letter logo
  Merton, Bruyere fine de St. Claude

Former brand of Harold Merton who owned a factory in Saint Claude (France).

See also: Paul Guilland

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