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Brands with several dots logo
Artisan: Hans Wormit
Grading (ascending): three dots of copper, brass and silver. Exceptional pipes are marked with five silver dots.



no logo on the stem

 (Left side)

― J. P. SOLER ―

Artisan: Joan Pere Soler i Molina is the heir to a Catalan pipemaker dynasty reaching back to 1890. He is pipemaker since 1953.

Address: Passeig del Firal, 30-40

17170 Amer, Girona, Spain


Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

  Sommer Paris [sun emblem], Grand Luxe


Brands with one bar logo
The brand was created by Jean Sommer in 1855. His sons continued the business producing meerschaum as well as briar pipes. The production stopped in 1935 but the brand's shop named "Aux carrieres d'ecume" (13 et 15 passage des princes, Paris) kept on a commercial activity until 1988.
Aux carrières d'écume Aux carrières d'écume


The brand's name as logo

  SON, Diplom, 24
Brand stemming from Soren Skovbo's and Erik Nording's partnership which lasted two years in the 1960s.


Brands with an unique letter logo
  Danbark by Soren #11 Hand Made 



Hand carved

Made in Denmark

Artisan: Søren Refbjerg Rasmussen
Pipes for the European market are mostly stamped "Refbjerg" while those for US are stamped "Soren".

Søren Holm


no logo on the stem


Søren Holm


9 m/m

Hand Made in Denmark

Grading (ascending): D, C, B, A


Brands with an unique letter logo
Artisan: Kjeld Sorensen. See also: Red Hat


Brands with an unique letter logo
  Sorn, Made in Denmark, S479
An export brand to USA of Stanwell


(see Tom Spanu)



  (Left side) Sparkproof, Weatherproof    

(Right side) Algerian Briar, Made in France

Pipe of the "Hurricane" type.
Other brands of this kind of pipes.


Brands with ring  logo
  SPECTATOR Imported Briar


Brands with two letters logo
 Logo: interwoven "P" and "S" axialy oriented.

 (Left side) Spitfire, by Lorenzo

(Right side) Castelnovo
  Vertical oriented logo on stem

Brands with ring logo


Brands with an encircled letter logo

 (Left side) SPORTSMAN

(Right side) Imported Briar Italy

According to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit. SPORTMAN pipes could have been from A. Frankau (GB), Alex. Royan (GB), H B Saunders (GB), John Hudson Moore Inc. (USA, GB), Lorraine (USA) or Sasieni (GB).


Brands with animal logo

  Sportsman Blue Seal, Imported Briar
Brands with animal logo


  Sportsman, Fantail

This model may also be found with following stampings:

- London Made By Sasieni - on the right shank side. 

- PAT. D-170067 - on the left side

"Sportsman" is a Sasieni second (R.C. Hacker op. cit.) not systematically "Sasieni" stamped.


Brands with animal logo

  Genuine Block, Meerschaum      "Tanganiyka" on the bottom of the stem
A brand of Tanganyika Meerschaum Corporation from Amboseli Pipes. (J.M. Lopes, op. cit.
See also: Countryman, GBD, Kiko, Kikob, Kilimanjaro, Kudu, Twiga, Merlin
Ecume et cuir Ecume et cuir


Brands with star logo


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