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no logo on the stem



― U.S.A. ―

― Handmade ―

― Kurt Huhn ―

Artisan: Kurt Huhn

The pipes are ordered in three lines (ascending quality):

  • Countryman: from factory turned stummels.
  • Cityman: partially rusticated, sandblasted, or smooth finish
  • Nobelman: smooth finish only. Flawless.

Signification of the symbol is unknown (hat?)


 (Underside) Humbry, Briar, 415
Brands with star logo

 (Underside) Humbry, Briar, Made in Holland, 5422 R
Royal Dutch Pipe Factory. See also:
Amphora, Big Ben, Royal Dutch


Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Underside) Humidor Intl., Made in, London.England
According to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit. Humidor would be a brand marketed by R. Wheatley & Son, a flyboxes retailer (fishing). More probably it could be a private label of a cigar and tobacco shop.


Brands with pipe logo

  Huntington Chromagrain, London England, 9260


 (Left side) Hurricane Standard, London Made
  (Right side) Roy Tallent Ltd, Made in England


 (Left side) Typhoon Made in England
Hurricane is not exactly a brand but rather a pipe type characterized by an integrated swivel cover. An H on the stem denotes a pipe produced by Orlik. These pipes were often made in collaboration with Nutt Products Ltd or were sometimes stamped for Roy Tallent Ltd.

Hurricane #1 Hurricane #1

Hurricane #2 Hurricane #2

Hurricane #3 Hurricane (golf pipe)

Other brands have crafted or distributed Hurricane type pipes stamped with their own name among which:

Hyde Park

 (Left side) Hyde Park   (Right side) Made in England
 (Left side) Hyde Park, London Made
 (Right side) Made in England (In circle), 433



no logo on the stem

 (Right side)

― Tim Hynick ―

Artisan: Tim Hynick has been carving pipes since 2003.

No grade markings, no date. Only a signature.

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