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Brands with an unique letter logo


These pipes were distributed by the Flamidor lighters brand.
Others lighter brands distributing pipes: Myon, Ronson, S.T. Dupont, Silver Match

Fleur de Lis

Brands with a vegetal logo


  Fleur de Lis, Meerschaum lined, France 9465



no logo on the stem


― Alex Florov ―

― Handcrafted ―

― A USA―

― 08 ―

no logo on the stem


― Alex Florov ―

― Handcrafted ―

[Elephant figure] Slonim ―

  Florov's highest grade pipe with the elephant figure

Artisan: Alex Florov is born in Moskow and emigrated to the USA in 1992.

Grading (ascending): C B A

highest grade: Elephant (Slonim).


Brands with an encircled letter logo


Losange, Diamond

 (Top) [Schield] Forecaster, Real Briar  (Bottom) L7
Brands with star logo


  Forecaster, Imported Briar

Brand of the National Briar Pipe Co (Jersey City, New Jersey, USA).

Others brands from this company: The Biltmore, Honey Brook, Rembrandt and The Doodler after 1960


Brands with crown logo


Brands with an encircled letter logo


  Forester, Made in England



no logo on the stem

 (Left side)

― E. Foresti ―

Arttisan: Enzo Foresti (born 1947) (AKA "Aqualong")


Toksværd Denmark

no logo on the stem


― G on H ―

― Made by, Former ―

Early markings. Pipe probably carved during the Swiss period for Georg Huber's tobacco shop in Munich (GE). See (enlarged view) "G over H" stamping near Former's signature

no logo on the stem


― Former, Handmade ―

― Made in Denmark ―

Artisan: Hans Jonny Nielsen (AKA "Former") successively worked with Poul Rasmussen (2 years), Sven Knudsen, W.Ø. Larsen (10 years) before establishing on his own and moving to Switzerland. He stayed there from 1986 to 1991 when he went to Lauenburg (Germany). He definitively came back to Denmark in 1997.

Markings: two categories of pipes ("Handmade" and "Freehand")

Former's pipes are not graded.

Production (2009): ~ 250 pipes/year.

See also Bentley




  Fornarino 5F





Fortnum & Mason UK - Experts in food hampers and gift hampers
London  England
  Fortnum's Windward, U.S. PAT. N° 2135179

This pipe of the "Hurricane" type was sold by Fortnum & Mason, the renowned londoner departement store (since 1707).

Hurricane #1 Hurricane #1

Hurricane #2 Hurricane #2

Hurricane #3 Hurricane (golf pipe)

This is an original stem and its logo is the same as Streamliner's, two brands which have no relationship, in principle...

See also: Hurricane (Orlik)


Brands with several bars logo








Peter Hemmer collaborated to the models aimed for export market and identifiable by a PH stamping.
Peter HemmerPeter Hemmer

After Fritz Becker passed away, Paolo Becker didn't continue the partnership which associated his father with Giorgio Musicò (see Becker & Musicò). It was then that Massimo Musicò, Giorgio's son, established the new brand "Foundation" whith lines like the Foundation's Club, the Experienced or the Floodlight.

Massimo MusicoMassimo Musico

Artisans working for Foundation brand:

names & stampings

  • Peter Hemmer (PH)
  • Gian Maria Gamboni (G)
  • Andrea Gigliucci (AG)
  • Fabio Marchesi (FM)
  • Flavio Benucci (FB)
  • Massimo Musicò (MM)
  • Giorgio Musicò (GM)
Andrea Gigliucci 2012Andrea Gigliucci
Gian Maria GamboniGian Maria Gamboni
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