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Nürnberg Germany
Brands with an encircled letter logo

 (Left side) Drexler's Tabakstube (Right side) Swiss + Made
This pipe was crafted by the Swiss BBK pipemaker because of the typical "Swiss + Made" stamping
Private label of a German tobacconist in Nürnberg.
Adress: Drexler's Tabakstube, Kaiserstraße 32, 90403 Nürnberg (Germany)

Drucquer & Sons

Berkeley CA  USA
Brands with animal logo


  Drucquer & Sons, California
Current address of the shop (2009):
1481 Solano Ave., Albany, CA 94706
Former address (late 1980s):
2059 University Ave., Berkeley CA 94704
"Red Lion" was the name of a home Virginia based blend. The lion appeared on the original Drucquer family crest. John Drucquer founded the pipe shop in London in 1841 and had C. Dickens as customer for pipes and tobaccos. John Drucquer III moved Drucquer & Sons Ltd. to Berkeley, California in 1921.

Drury Lane

Brands with several letters logo

 (Left side) Drury Lane, London
  (Right side Made in London (In circle) England, 551
Brands with crown logo

  Duca Eraldo
Brands with crown logo

 Duca Carlo

Duca Pipe

Duca Pipes :: Home
Brands with crown & letters logo
 Il Duca Italy 
Brands with crown & letters logo

 (Underside) DDD Il Duca, Italy, Barone

Artisan: Massimiliano Rimensi

Adress: Via Ermes Dal Vecchio,29
45030 Occhiobello (RO) Italy

Massimiliano Rimensi 2010

Gradings (ascending): Nobile (rusticated), Barone (blasted), Cavaliere (smooth), Conte and Duca.

The D's (from 1 to 3) determine for each grade the value of the pipe. The "Duca DDD" stampings stand for an exceptional pipe.






no logo on the stem



― Bruxelles, Fait Main ―

Information concerning this Belgian brand are to be dicovered.


The brand's name as logo

  Duco (In oval)

Duke of Dundee

Brands with one bar logo

 (Left side) Duke of Dundee (Underside) D/D (In circle)
This pipe is not made of wood but of the same material as this "Clan" pipe: some kind of Bakelite
Brands with two letters logo

 (Left side) Duke of Dundee, Air conditioned

(Underside) 07

A valve on the bowl's bottom (see detailed pics) is supposed to regulate the air stream.
Other brands with the same device: Dunhill Airstream, Kaywoodie Carburetor, Passat, Steel's 
In 1953 Henry Leonard & Thomas bought the Royal Duke, Duke of Dundee and Honeydew brands formerly made by Continental Briar Pipe Co. of Brooklyn NY.

Duke of Kent

Brands with a vegetal logo

 (Left side) Duke of Kent   (Right side Imported Briar France
This fleur-de-lis logo indicates a pipe which is obviously from the same origin as Bayard, Chadhall, Omega or Thomas pipes.
Brands with an encircled letter logo
Duke of Kent Meerschaum, Algerian Briar, Made in France
To the best of our knowledge, Jeantet is the only brand using an octogonal logo outline, particularly for its export pipes. We assume this label is a sub-brand or a second of the French company in Saint Claude, as well as: Grand Duke, Hermes, Sir Bruce, Sir Duke
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