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The company joined the Cuty-Fort Entreprises group (Chacom, Ropp, Vuillard, Jean Lacroix...) in 1992. In 2010 it droped out and the brand isn't part of the group any more. The label is owned by the Jeantet family (Dominique Jeantet) again. The pipe production is discontinued. Dominique Jeantet retired in 2000.
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Dominique Jeantet 2006
Dominique Jeantet

Early markings

Jeantet (Florid J) Bruyere, Preference N°6.P73-1 G.P.
Early "Jeantet" stamping with a florid "J".


(Left side)

Luxe Jeantet

(Right side)

38 - 4

Arched "Jeantet" stamping.


Jeantet Maya
Line named after "Maya the bee", the famous cartoon.
Maya the bee
Maya the bee


Jeantet (Signature)


Brands with an encircled letter logo

Jeantet Lumberman

Octogonal logo

(Left side) Jeantet Bruyere (Right side) Jumbos 38-8
Brands with an encircled letter logo

(Left side) Jeantet, Production, since 1807
Pipes with the "Jeantet Production" stampings were intended for export.

JEANTET Production since 1807 CORSICAN BRIAR Made in France

"Jeantet" on stem

The brand's name as logo

Olympic logo

Olympic logo
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