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The Jeantet factory

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It is known the Jeantet family already crafted cherrywood pipes on that date.
The enterprise named from then on Jeantet-David owns workshops scattered all over the Saint Claude town.
Jeantet begins the manufacture of briar root pipes.

Jeantet : The stummel workshop in the 1920s.

Jeantet : Letter header (about 1910).
Reference to the Antidote Catalytic Pipe.

Left : Raspers and fitters
Center : Buffing workshop
Right : Buffing women and cutting man. Antidote Pipe poster in the workshop.

Pictures : first quarter of the 20th century.

Cadastral map
Taking over the corporate in the 1890s, Maurice Jeantet decided to regroup the workers on a unique site and had built the plant at 12-14 rue Bonneville.

Jeantet : overall view of the plant's west facade (left)
Jeantet : south facade (right)
Production: 350,000 - 400,000 pipes/year by 72 persons.
Production: 75,000 - 85,000 pipes/year by 22 persons.

Jeantet : Close view of the plant's west facade.
Dominique Jeantet 2006
Dominique Jeantet
The company was taken over by S.A. Cuty Fort Entreprises(1) while keeping its label. It established in the group beside Chapuis-Comoy (Chacom), Jean Lacroix and Emile Vuillard.
Today (2010) the brand isn't part of the group any more. The label owned by Dominique Jeantet still exists but pipe production is discontinued.
(1) S.A. (Société Anonyme) : Limited Company (UK) or Incorporated Company (US)
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