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In the 50's Sommer used to carve pipes for Dunhill. Compare this Vercingetorix (Gallic -or Gaulish- chieftain) head distributed by Dunhill with the carved pipe sold by Sommer below.
Vercingetorix marketed by Dunhill
Page from a Dunhill catalogue.
A Vecingetorix meerschaum pipe by Dunhill here
Sommer's Vercingetorix pipe: identical to Dunhill's
Sommer's genuine Vercingetorix pipe
Sommer's Vercingetorix pipe
The pipe below has been crafted in the 1920s. Although not stamped, it can be surely attributed to Louis Lamberthod, pipe maker in Saint Claude (France). A rather refined face for a barbarian.
Lamberthod's Vecingetorix pipe has been carved by a reproducing machine he had invented. The pipes were finished by hand.

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The same model has also been carved by Lamberthod on behalf of Peterson. The following pipe fitted with a P-lip and marked by the Irish maker's stampings testifies this French origin. The hallmarks [C] of Dublin Assay Office on the ferrule are from 1918.
As seen by Mastercraft the Vercingetorix pipe wrongly becomes a Viking's head. Note that Vikings never wore helms with wings.
The Viking by Mastercraft
Sommer's Vercingetorix model has often been copied. The noname pipe below displays a more superficial execution compared to the first. The decorative patterns have been simplifyed, the forehead lock disappeared
No brand Vercingetorix
Details of the Vercingetorix no name pipe
The same model by Butz Choquin. No ears, less moustache and a crinkly face
Butz Choquin and Vercingetorix
A poor Courrieu version of the Vercingetorix pipe.
A Courrieu version of the Vercingetorix pipe
Altough this meershaum pipe has no markings it comes with a custom-made box marked with a Dunhill patent # ( More details...).
The winged helm is a screw-in bowl.
A Courrieu version of the Vercingetorix pipe

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An identical piece was displayed at Dunhill's in London before their pipe exhibition closed.
A Vecingetorix briar pipe by Dunhill here
A cheap Vercingetorix meerschaum pipe
A Meerschaum Vercingetorix marketed by Wally Frank
The painting layer badly simulates the amber coloration meerschaum use to get in the course of time.
This miserable procedure was often used by Wally Frank (this pipe).
Note the natural color gradation on this Vercingetorix head. The impressive, windswept moustach of the Gallic chieftain gives this composition an undeniable vigour.
One more windswept moustache. But this time it breaks the face symetry. To enrich the character the meerschaum carver decked Vercingetorix with a lot of attributs which would raise any archeologist eyebrows.

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