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The origin of the brand reaches back to 1858 when Jean-Baptiste Choquin in collaboration with his son-in-law Gustave Butz created their first pipe in Metz (France). Since 1951 Butz-Choquin Site officiel Butz Choquin, pipes de Saint-Claude jura. BC pipe de bruyere luxe is a brand of the Berrod-Regad group (Saint-Claude, France).

Jean Paul Berrod managed the company from 1969 to 2002 when he retired and sold the corporate to Mr Fabien Gichon. Denis Blanc, allready owner of EWA, took over the S.A. Berrod-Regad in 2006.

Jean Paul Berrod
Jean Paul Berrod


Brands with star logo


  (Left side) Butz-Choquin, A Metz, Origine
   (Right side) St Claude, France, 2
Modern version of the historical model which contributed to the brand's notoriety. The white extension was formerly (19th century) made of a hollow Albatross bone (Radius). More recent pipes of this model have a synthetic (acrylic) extension.
Albatros hurleur Albatros hurleur

A Metz

Pipes with filled ring  logo


(Left side)

Butz Choquin (Arched)

A Metz

A pipe pre-dating 1951 when Berrod-Regad acquired the Butz-Choquin brand. Prior to 1951 Butz-Choquin pipes were crafted or distributed by various makers including Berrod-Regad itself.

The shape of the lip and the curve of the mouthpiece both plaid for an original stem and thus an original logo on it.




Butz-Choquin, Collection

* * * (3 stars)

Fait main, St Claude France

A (encircled)

The "Collection" line is supposed to correspond to upscale pipes. It is made by Alain Albuisson.

Grading (ascending): 2, 3 and 4 stars


Brands with star logo

  Butz-Choquin, Cybele   Golden logo
The "Cybele" model has allways the same shape with a shank extension of reconstructed exotic woods.

Fait Main

Maitre Pipier


(Left side)

Butz Choquin, Maitre Pipier


(Right side)

Fait Main, St Claude, France

Pipes of the "Maitre Pipier" séries were crafted by Paul Lanier until he retired and after him by Alain Albuisson. The model illustraded here is remarkable for its "swan neck" shank.


Brands with two letters logo

  Butz-Choquin, Bellevue, St Claude, France




 (Left side) Butz-Choquin, Maitre-Pipier, Select   

Free Hand

Brands with star logo


  (Left side) Butz-Choquin, Free Hand, Filter

C'est bon



  (Left side) Butz-Choquin, C'est bon
  (Right side) St Claude (Arched) France, 1845




  (Left side) Butz-Choquin, Auto-Sport
  (Right side) St Claude - France, 1604

Pipe of the "Hurricane" type.


Other brands of this kind of pipes.

Hurricane #1 Hurricane #1

Hurricane #2 Hurricane #2

Hurricane #3 Hurricane (golf pipe)


Brands with an unique letter logo

  (Left side) Frontenac
  (Right side) Made in France, Fabrique, par BC

Pipe Club of Japan


  1974 - 1994, The Pipe Club of Japan, St Claude
 Leather covered pipe


 (On bottom) Bruyere 122, Saint Claude France, Modele depose, N°154 217
(On front of the bowl ) Optimal, Butz Choquin (script) Des. J. COLOMBO
Brands with one bar logo

 (On bottom) Bruyere 122, Saint Claude France, Modele depose, N°154 221
(On front of the bowl ) Optimal, Butz Choquin (script) Des. J. COLOMBO
These pipes dating from the 60's were designed by Joe Colombo.
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